Monday, January 16, 2012

Ya Busy Week!!!

Lets start off with a little business...I sent a letter to Rose, Houston, Lucas, Preston and Nana and I sent the memory to you guys, (ya busy week!) Elder Velez was sick one afternoon so I wrote a butt load of letters. I only got yours and nanas certified so in three weeks if you haven’t received it yet tell me and I will go and have them track it. Don and Lila should have gotten their letter by now, also Eves I sent that letter forever ago! But you never said anything if they got it or not. The ZL´s said that I have some more letters and will get them next Sunday! Alright Friday the 13th!! You know what that is!!! Superstition?!? Also my hand they think it is either ringworm or warts, but we will see…ha-ha but don’t worry everything is great! Ya I got the music and ya I played it that day thank you it is just what I needed and wanted! For my birthday Crest toothpaste if you could send me a little of that, the toothpaste here just isn’t the same, its Colgate but it’s not the same its different it’s cheaper and ya, and also gold bond some more of that :) but besides that honestly I am just amazing! And don’t really need anything, everything else I can find here. Fleas, I have only seen one and that was in San Jorge, but I have never had a problem with them, the collars are still in my suitcases.
Mom, your such a rescuer! Look I can’t spell! I spent a good minute typing that word and retyping it and can’t figure out how to spell it! I could go look in your email but I am too lazy and this computer is REALLY slow. So just some other business I should have included it in the other email, but I took out the Christmas money from Don and Lila finally, I used it to send some letters (it’s expensive!) and also I bought Elder Velez Subway today (look at me I’m such a nice person) no it was fun today we went to these HUGE waterfalls, in San Jorge I could see them in the distance in the mountains when it was a clear day, and today I got to go to them! They were was amazingly beautiful, it was one of those moments when you are just memorized and just think about life, it was deep, it was awesome. I probably won’t tell you what we had to do to get to them, but you will see in pictures. I was not myself today, I was like Bear Grylls son, I did things, looking back that I usually don’t do, I’m usually not adventurous but I had fun! We went bushwhacking, and crossing sketchy passage ways and walking on these huge tubes suspended a little (or a lot) in the air. Then after, they just built a subway close by, the first one outside of the capital, so I invited him and paid for it. (That is like an upper class restaurant here) as a goodbye present. Elder Velez has one week left he leaves for the Capital Sunday. This has honestly been one of the fastest changes in the mission, yes granted I only have 4 with this one but still, the time has flown by. I have learned a lot this change, probably mostly patience. The first of the change I didn’t have any and we were clashing, until finally I relaxed and it is then that we got along and we started working. Looking back on this week we honestly didn’t do a lot, I hate to say it, but looking at our stats for the week this is the lowest my stats have been my entire mission. And this week will probably be lower with it being his last week. But I do feel like this week we have had more lessons of quality. We get along just great and I’m still thinking of different ways to keep him working, the latest one has been truth or dare in between contacting, basically just distracting him is what works. But this week is more of his week because it’s his last one on the mission! So Saturday they had the changing of the President, where they swore in the new one, I hope he does good things, Guatemala really needs some help. Happy MILK DAY!! or MLK day ha it’s just a normal day today, oh and today was the first day of school for the kids, their summer is like November to now so different then the States.

I want to share an experience we had this week. Visiting a less active family and it felt more like a lesson with an investigator, but he just bombarded us with questions, which is always great, I love it now, I love the challenge of trying to remember the answer and also having the spirit help you find the answer it’s so amazing. But for a solid hour he just asked us questions, just question after question, it was so fun! That pocketbook really helps. With another family we had a FHE, the mom wanted us to give a lesson to the kids, and it is so amazing, I was talking and I don’t know why but I just changed subjects our lesson took a completely different route then what we had planned, but it is so awesome because we ended up talking about what they needed, having the spirit work with us is such a awesome feeling. It’s hard sometimes to feel the sprit teaching the first lesson with some of the people because they just either 1. Aren’t ready to receive it 2. Don’t care (part of number1) or 3. Can’t understand anything, their minds are so closed off. But when the spirit helps us and we follow it without knowing what or why, it’s so awesome!

I gave a talk in church yesterday. It was on the message that President Monson gave about an abundant life and how we can reach this life, with three things, 1. A positive attitude; 2. Believe in yourself; and 3. Face challenges with courage. If we do these three things our lives will be some much better. I have such a testimony of these three things, before my mission I tried to live these three principles, and they truly make life so much better, it is true, try it and you will see. I could ramble on and on about how being positive in life is so much better than being negative. We all have challenges in this life, that doesn’t change and we can’t control it, but what we can control is our attitude and it makes the challenges pass by better. It’s like President Monson said "We can’t control the wind, but we can control the sails." So this week try to focus on being more positive and you will become closer to the abundant life which he says is full of success and blessings. And I know that to be true! Alright sorry this is so short but this computer is so slow, this has taken me a hour to write, and so my patience is gone, I know I said I learned patience this change but after a hour I’m done, but just know how much I love you guys!!! And to answer your question Mom no it wouldn’t make me sad to see you guys, COME VISIT ME. It would be fun, we could eat beans together it would be grand, Haha love you!

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