Monday, March 18, 2013

A Semi Normal Week? Is There Such A Thing?

Finally a semi normal week without too many surprises! First let me start off with Tuesday y el templo!!! I love to see the temple I'll go inside someday. (Oh wait I entered Tuesday!) I loved it, I feel like this time was one of the best experiences I have had in the temple, it is just so peaceful. It was definitely a nice break from things. From the temple we started divisions and I went to Jalpatagua to do a baptismal interview. Now as you remember last time I was in Jalpatagua I had a run in with a dead lady ... This time it was chill and nothing out of the ordinary happened (luckily). The interview went well, she was baptized Saturday, and honestly nothing else too exciting happened... Only that they called a new pope?!! And he just so happens to be from Latin America so everyone here was super happy that day even though Argentina is far from Guatemala; they celebrated as if he was from Guatemala. I saw history happen! Not gonna lie this week was a blur and I hardly remember anything that happened. We did have a really cool lesson with a reference from Cuilapa. His name is Diego, he is super humble, but also has class, idk how else to describe him, he had some questions about the plan (why we Are here and where are we going. Etc.) so we met with him in the church and taught him, it was a super powerful lesson! He is a really cool investigator and I hope he progresses. Sunday we had our district conference; president and hma Stay came and spoke. It was in Cuilapa and boy was it hot, the chapel is right in the middle of the market where all the people pass by selling and where the busses pass picking up the people, so there is always so much noise going on, which makes it kinda hard to focus on the meeting. But we had 9 investigators come with us! It was a miracle!! One of them was Diego! After talking to him he says he has a Lot of questions which is always great! We meet with him tomorrow, pray for him! Changes are tomorrow, should be interesting to see who ends up where, also basically an one that gets sent to Zacapa or my one of my first two zones will probably be a part of the new mission. Anyone that is in those areas by July first will become a part of the new mission. Sunday before the conference we had a branch counsel, which went well we are starting to feel the support of the branch with our investigators. We are going to marry a couple and then baptize them, the plan was to do it the 30th, but here from like the 23 to the 31 is semana Santa.... Idk if you remember that holiday from last year, but. Basically the whole country (all of Central America) shuts down and goes on vacation, they go to whatever water place; the beach, river, pools, and they drink.... As missionaries it is the hardest week here because literally everyone leaves. So we have to switch our plans to marry them, we are going to try to bump it up to this weekend... But that is super soon and it's just going to be a huge mess! But we have to do it!! Remember the conference we had with elder Martino? Well he is going to Skype us in April and check up on us and see if we completed our goal of baptisms and families, so we have to baptize our family this month!!! It's do or die!!! But also it's not like we are forcing them... She has revived her answer and she wants to be baptized, (her husband is a LA we activated) so we shall see how things turn out.... Pray for us were gonna need all the help we can get. So I wanna share a really cool experience we had, really powerful. The lady that washes are clothes they are super poor and all are members. But only her and her two youngest children attend, there are like four others that are inactive, her husband died about 4 years ago, and he was the one that motivated everyone to go. So we went randomly with them idk why really, and we found ourselves with one of her sons, he's 22, he loves to work outdoors in the coffee fields or working in manual labor. But we went with him and had a super powerful lesson that made him reflect and think things over again, about where he wants his life to go, if he wants to go back and live with his dad again and if he is living up to what he dad expects of him. Made him reevaluate the things, the spirit was super strong and he was stoked, we also talked about the mission, it would be awesome if he went on the mission, he would be a great one. My comp is 23 got baptized when he was 21, left when he was 22 and now is 23, so he testified boldly of how the is the right thing for him and how it will change his life. We invited him to pray and consider it. Well we had other awesome experiences but I don't remember right now, this week was more chill and not as crazy as the other ones, it was a good breather to relax and catch our breathes and just focus on our area. But changes this week things will get real crazy real fast! I love you all and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be out here, something I mentioned a lot this week was about how I am so grateful to my parents for raising me in the gospel and teaching me since I was little about the gospel. Here there are tons of families that are dysfunctional or the kids are doing way bad things super early on, but if only the parents would teach the gospel and do the things they are supposed to be doing there would be so many less problems. Entonces I am forever grateful to you mom and dad for teaching the gospel and helping me along the way. I love you and thank you.

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