Monday, March 11, 2013

I've Been Everywhere Man!!!

So Johnny Cash has a song called "I've been everywhere man" and that is the story of our lives right now!! We are all over the place doing tons of things, it has been a crazy week and we definitely kept ourselves busy! Tuesday and Wednesday were normal work days and how good it felt to have a normal day where we don't have to leave our area to go do things. Thursday the assistant Elder Urmston from California came and worked with us for the day, and his comp went to a different area to work. He is a chill great guy. We grew up together in Zacapa, (I have one more change than him, and his first area was Zacapa) it was fun to reminisce about our days out there. The day went well, it was full of appointments and most of them didn't fall, and the ones that did fall we had back up plans so there was never a moment when we all stood asking... Well now what?... Honestly right now we have so many investigators that we have in our teaching pool, and it's amazing! It is so much work to always stay on top of things and to really focus in on the needs of each one and to help them progress spiritually but it's so worth it! I would rather be super busy than have hardly any investigators! I definitely can't complain right now. Remember that time I went to California spur of the moment with only like 80 dollars? And spent a different day with a different friend, without a plan or idea of what I was going to do? Ya well that is how I spent Friday and Saturday just a constant go go go!! Friday morning we had to drop Urmston off in Jutiapa... Look it up on a map... And you will see that it's not close to Barberena, we left early on a grey hound and the journey over there as crazy! Windy mountain passes and a sketchy bus driver who thinks he is in the Indy 500, but we were blessed with protection and came out alive! But really it felt like we were on a roller coaster the whole time. (oh and the bus was flea infested) well after we had to go to Chiquimula (look it up and you will see that it is far from Barberena, but even farther from Jutiapa...) but we had to do an interview out there, so long story short my comp left for there with another missionary and we followed after the meeting, basically traveling the whole day cause the missionaries forgot to mention that it was another hour away once in Chiquimula... So the plan was to return that same day, but nothing goes according to plan here in Guatemala and my comp didn't return until 520, 20 minutes after the last bus left :( so we tried hitch hiking (we did not want to stay the night in that oven!) but nothing, so we stayed the night there and helped out the missionaries there until the next day when we left on the first bus at 5. That is so early!!! 5 am. But we got back to the house only to change, fill up the stomach and we were off again. But this time to Ixbaco or something like that, in pueblo Nuevo ViƱas. There was a missionary who served there but lives in the capital, and he organized a service project with his ward and asked us to come help... so we went with the other missionaries. They brought a ton of clothing and humanitarian kits and so we went to a aldea ...village... way off in the mountains, but super far, and we gave out the clothes and the kits, it was awesome, I love giving service, especially when you can see a difference in the person and see that you helped make their day, there is nothing better. Well after there is a Laguna close by... so we went up to go see it and how breathe taking! It was truly so beautiful!! It was a hot water spring at the base of a volcano and it was sulfur so it smelt bad but it was amazing!! I’m going to send a ton of photos, of our adventure that day... it was one of the funnest, worthwhile days we’ve had in a while!! So we are seeing a ton of miracles here in Barberena, tons of families, but I will tell you about 2 today.... with one she is the wife of a less active, super solid catholic, but we have been teaching her, and she hasn’t really wanted anything, she told us she didn’t want to be baptized because she loved her orando a su imagens ... praying to the images?..... something like that so we got the catholic bible and went and shared a couple scriptures where it mentions that we shouldn’t do those types of things, and she was super open and we did it in a good way so that no feelings were hurt. And then she told us she wants to be baptized!!! That she thinks she has received her answer! Miracle!! Also we visited another family that we have, a mother and her kids are old now and married, so the daughter and husband we visited... well this guy is huge! He looks like Thor or a WWF wrestler! Long hair and beard just a champ! a little intimidating, but we got talking with him and he is just super down, he has almost hit rock bottom he feels, so we talked a lot about hope in Jesus Christ and also the atonement and a whole bunch of other things, and he was crying, super strong spirit, we gave him hope and we are going to help him turn his life around and get things going again! AND he came to church the next day! Another miracle... We are working hard, ridiculously hard, like there is never enough time to do everything, we need to plan and focus our selves in the things that absolutely matter cause if not we get lost doing other things that are good but not the best thing we could be doing! Well up to bat this week we have the temple tomorrow!!!! super stoked for that, and then probably divisions with Jalpatagua, and then who know what we have to do this weekend... I’m sure something will come up as always... well family I love you all have a great week!!! Just know this church is true, it’s great!! It’s amazing! I love being out here as a missionary, I love helping other people and I love this gospel!! Take care this week be safe, read your scriptures, think of what Jesus Christ did for each and every one of us. And pray always, those are the best things we can always do!!!

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