Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy V Day!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. Actually I don’t mean that, I can’t celebrate it so I’m not going to wish you guys a good one either. This week has been a great one, really chill which probably isn’t a good thing. Real quick before I forget next week we are going to EL TEMPLO!!! So I probably won’t write until Tuesday, just a heads up. This Friday we have a zone conference here in TECULUTAN! So we have been trying to get ready for that, finding someone to cater for it, and finding tables and all that jazz, stressful? No not really. Last week I got letters! So stoked when I get letters…SEND LETTERS THEY ARE THE FUEL TO THIS FIRE. That sounded weird, but I don’t have time to delete it. Also I bought peanut butter from the mission office, and oh my goodness how glorious was that!!! I have utterly forgotten how much I have missed peanut butter.

This week we helped a member build a house, but this is a Guatemalan house, not a normal house, basically he didn’t have enough money to pay rent so he is trying to hurry and build a shelter we could call it, and then he will save money and then build him a proper house. So we built a house out of branches and pallets, disassembled and some assembled, it was fun. I didn’t bring the camera but I will try to bring it next time. The guy is a total stud though. Ah man! I don’t know what happened but all our money disappeared. I think it got stolen, stolen by the stores! So these next couple days we are going to have to budget the money that we have left.

So just a really awful sad experience for this week. We have been teaching this couple, he is an inactive but his wife is not a member, so we have really been working and fighting for them to get married and she wanted to be baptized, one night late we are walking and we see him walking towards us just totally drunk, he stops us begging for our help, he is bawling, so we sit down and talk with him, and things are not good, he had a serious fight with his wife, he had gun, but luckily his mom took it away. So we just sat there and he just bawled, he wanted to go talk to her (she was at her parents’ house) but we said no and tried to get him to his house, after an hour we finally got him there, we had to stop him from buying more beer and more cigarettes, but finally we got him to his house. After I was just crushed, seeing him like that, he was not himself. Satan got a hold of him, and won the fight that night, I really hope everything turns around and that they can get everything back together. We were really pushing the atonement and repentance, so hopefully they can really use it and make the changes necessary.

On a brighter note we had 2 investigators go to a V-day dance, which was like a huge step for them, the missionaries have been teaching them for a year or so but they never made commitments with them, I don’t understand, so that was a huge step and they had a great time! The whole time we were so nervous if they would get along with the members (there is a problem with fellowshipping here). I honestly felt like a parent dropping my kid off at school for the first time, wondering how everything will turn out, if they had a good time, if they will get along with the other kids. We were really stressed out! But everything turned out great. Well I don’t know what else to write, this week was a very chill one, not much happened. Sorry I feel like I didn’t write much today, the clouds are gloomy today so it is a gloomy day so I am gloomy today as well. Sorry. If you have any questions let me know!

I feel like you guys got shafted this week for a crappy letter! Sorry! But just know everything is going great here, a lot of trials and challenges but that is normal and expected and we are trotting along, we might have a baptism this week!! If everything goes great (i.e. if she feels healthy enough) she is very sick and needs a kidney but we decided to press forward with her baptism! I am stoked. I miss you guys and love you! I have been studying the atonement a little, and also the plan of salvation. What great stuff that is! Oh man! I don’t know a lot but that is why I am studying it, I am learning so much about the two things. One thing that I have learned this week is that no matter what our Heavenly Father will always be there for us, rain or shine, we can always pray to him for guidance and for comfort. He will always be there, he is like our best friend, but with him, he will never betray us or abandon us. I want to just bear testimony of how great of a blessing this Gospel is to us. I have seen A LOT of different lifestyles here and beliefs and the comfort and knowledge that we have of the plan and the atonement are 2 things that I am grateful for that give us comfort in a world when we can’t find any. I got to go, but I love you all! Have a great week and don’t go too crazy tomorrow for V DAY! 

Elder Call out

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