Tuesday, February 21, 2012


HOLA (that means hi)

So how is everyone going this week?!?! Honestly not much has happened this week. Except WE ARE IN A CROCK POT SLOWLY COOKING!!! It is so hot and humid and I just want to change my mission to the Alaska Spanish speaking mission, because it is so hot. And the natives tell me it is only going to get worse. Paco tells me Europe is dying of cold, and it is weird to think because it is honestly the exact opposite here. Well this week let me start with valentine’s day (we are such studs) we bought roses and gave them to our favorite grandmas in the ward in the SOC SOC (that is Relief Society in Spanish (but I spelled that wrong)) we hand delivered the roses to grandmas and just made their day and now they just love us even more.  Then the zone conference was also this week in Teculutan, and I learned a lot of valuable lessons. DONT LEAVE THE GATE OPEN TO THE CHURCH. I thought I would have learned that lesson in Zacapa with our baptism when the crazy lady entered the testimony meeting. But during the conference a lady wondered in and said some really crazy stuff, mainly about what the drug lords did to her family. It was CRAZY I won’t go into details…Guatemala is dangerous, but not for us :)  So the conference was just about having more enthusiasm and contacting better and finding more FAMILIES. Because that’s what it’s all about! The food yes we found a great hotel to cater it, and everything went very smoothly we ate roast and it was super good! AND I GOT MY PACKAGE! Super stoked about that and I was super happy! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING THE GREATEST FAMILY EVER! Mom DO NOT send me more pants or shirts I am going to go the 2 years with what I have, everything is still in GREAT condition! So do not worry!

Did I mention that it is hot? But I love it here they have so much fruits! A guy gave us a pineapple that we ate the other day it was so good! and there are so many mango trees here, we eat at least 3 a day, just walking and you can pick them off the trees because everyone has at least 2 GIANT mango trees (but first you have to ask permission or else they will shoot you). So tomorrow we are going to the temple! I am so stoked for that! I love the temple it will be a refreshing trip. We are going to try to go to Wal-Mart afterwards.

PICTURES! So the pictures I sent today are me with the valentine roses, our zone for zone conference with Pres. and the AP´s, and also we built a house this week, it is actually the same house we built last week just progressing more, ya that’s me sitting on a stick in the air. (Welcome to Guatemala)

So this week we have found a really awesome investigator it is a friend of a member here so we teach her always with this family (which is SO MUCH BETTER) she has a lot of problems so we want to help her realize that this gospel brings comfort when we have problems and really open up her eyes to the Atonement. Besides that we had a very serious talk with 2 of our other investigators that aren’t progressing and explained why we are here, and we probably will drop them for a little while because they just aren’t progressing. Our baptism date fell because she went back to the hospital! Grr!! But she is ready just super sick, she has surgery the 28th of this month to remove her kidney, and if she feels better we will baptize her before, but if not we will just wait until she is recovered. We are helping her husband still stop smoking, so that would be a FAMILY we are going to baptize! So stoked. Alright don’t know what else to ramble about I love you! I miss you won’t lie.. But I also love it here! Keep reading the Book of Mormon, keep doing what you should be doing! And I love you and see you soon!
Muhc (that means much but with the c and h switched) love!
-Elder Call

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