Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Umm hi, my name is Elder Call and sometimes it’s my birthday and sometimes I’m in Guatemala, it’s awesome. So first off I cursed myself by saying nothing happened last week, and so now this week EVERYTHING happened! It was a jam packed week with the goods and the bads and the just straight up weirds. So let me just start and go through the week starting with Tuesday EL TEMPLO!  first off I love the cap because the air there is so light and refreshing and I can actually breathe there, but I feel like I am going to get stabbed every two seconds or robbed (or both) but nothing happened so don’t worry. The temple was super chill and just what I needed it was a nice break. I saw elder Penfold, the temple is in his district, he is doing great, loves his comp and the people but hates his area, he says it’s on a hill and your always either walking up or down. Then we ate Wendy’s and I think I charged it on my card because we don’t have any money left!  but here is where the crazy story starts, we are on the bus back and a new company just started called litegua and it’s just nice busses, with ac and TVs so they were watching rush hour just finished it, and we were in traffic for one hour so we had tons of extra time when my comp started joking about lets watch the restoration or the testaments when Jesus Christ comes to the Americas. (I just bought me a second copy in the temple) then we joke with the Zone leaders and then next thing you know BAM we are watching the testaments on a bus FULL of people. It was awesome so we ended up watching it with everyone it was super sweet. One example of never be afraid to be bold or to ask, you can always be a missionary no matter where you are. So that was crazy story of Tuesday.
This week I don’t know why but we have been getting a lot of compliments about how we look? We call people like that snakes, and there are a lot of snakes here, and they are old women! Not even young, it’s weird every day we pass this paper store and the lady always yells a compliment to us. (ya idk) So while in the cap I bought me 2 cans of Dr. pepper! super stoked for that! and mom remember when I laughed at you when you said I hope someone would buy you lunch, IT HAPPED.... TWICE. we were walking home one night and this lady we contacted like 3 weeks ago ran into us and was super excited to see us, and invited us to dinner the next day, so we went and she bought us these steak burritos that are SUPER good! and we taught her about the restoration. it was definitely a tender mercy of the Lord. and the other time we have been meeting with this guy for 5 years every Wednesday to practice English, and we meet in a restaurant (one that I will take you to because it is super great!) well it turns out for these 5 years the missionaries have never taught him because he always says he has his believes and he respects ours, but this time we started talking about it, and then he just exploded with questions and we were answering them, (all this in English)(PS I LOVE teaching in English, for me it’s a blast) we ended by saying we don’t expect you to believe what we say, but you can pray and God will answer your prayers, then (best part) he says I’m going to challenge that and pray! WHAT?! first time we have ever had an investigator say that slash be willing to find out. it was definitely a good lesson and we are going to teaching him next Thursday. (we can’t Wednesday because we are going to the capital, to see the dentist for my comp, and maybe the doctor for my hand) his name is Walter, pray for us and wish us luck. 
so my hand is better, the compound w completely dried out and now I can’t use it, I don’t know if it was the heat or air but I used it for like a week. (yes I sealed it every time I used it) but my hand is getting better, I cut away the dead skin every day, and now I think I am going to let it rest for a while it has had a brutal attack)
Last night (Sunday) is where things got crazy and ya, we are meeting with a part member family and they aren’t married, have a ton of problems, and one little question "why won’t you be baptized" exploded into a 2 and a half hour conversation/argument/basically a family counsel but with just those 2. I kept quiet for the first part just soaking it all in, thinking things through trying to see everything from all angles and my comp is spittin good advice and then BAM it comes to me, so I then give my 2 sense (or cents?) and man I spit fire, I don’t want to be cocky but it is crazy how 2 20 (ok I was 19 then) can do this, here is a couple with serious problems not problems about feeling sad or offended, but real life problems that will have effect in this life and the next, it is literally tearing their family apart and the solution or people that will find the solution are 2 20 year olds who still feel like they are in 10th grade. but that is the beauty of this all, it’s not us! It’s HIM, the Lord is helping us, we are the mouthpiece of him here in Teculutan, it truly is amazing, I love it. This night things were super intense and didn’t look like it had a solution or end, but we have started (it is going to be a very long process) and we are going to put plans and goals with them to turn their lives around and save this family. I LOVE IT.
alright so it is SUPER hot here just thought you all needed to know that, also they eat fruit here because there is a lot of it. this week I ate melon, watermelon, pineapple, tamarinda (something like that, doesn’t exist in the states) and coco (coconut) you drink it then they split it open and give you a spoon made out of the coco you’re eating, its super chill and awesome.
I love it out here, it is super chill, the Lord shows us his tender mercies everyday (1 Nephi 1:20) (also see one of my favorite talks by elder Bednar "the tender mercies of the Lord") we have seen so many miracles out here, nothing big or crazy but the small miracles every day that happen. I love it, have a good week KEEP READING THE BOOK OF MORMON, OR START IT (dad) alright much love
-Elder Chad J Call

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