Monday, March 5, 2012

How Would You Like Your Steak?

How is it going?! Umm the life in Teculutan is CRAZY! I love it here, except I am like a medium rare steak right now, and by the end of April I will be a well done steak. Seriously. So this week WE BUILT A HOUSE! It’s the same house we built before but we put down a cement floor, and then at like 7 one night we went and put the top coating to finish it. Then the next day we helped them move everything! It has been quite the project here but now I think we have finished and they are well off.
So for my birthday we made rice Krispy treats! With chocolate rice Krispy it was super good. Tuesday we helped with the house, Wednesday we went to the capital just us two. For the doctor and he went to the dentist. The dentist is named elder Call from Idaho, we are from the same Anson but that is where we split off is from Anson call. In the capital the doctor said to stop doing what I’m doing with my hand and for now just use duct tape and sand it down with a nail filer every couple days. Also the compound w worked great for the first couple days but then by the end of the week it was solid! The air dried it out or I don’t know what happened, but I kept the cap on it! So I don’t know what happened, but my hand is coming along just great. We bought Dr. Pepper in the capital and how my goodness I am in heaven! I’m loving life this week with my Dr. Pepper.
I don’t think I have ever drunken (drankin?) so much soda in my life, I swear, our commodore has a tienda and sells soda so she always gives us soda. But it honestly just hits the spot (I’m turning into dad)
So Thursday we invited an investigator to institute and she came! It was so good, she has no shame to do anything, and she was reading the scripture out loud participating. Then someone’s cell phone went off so she pulls out a no cell phone sign and goes and puts it up on the board..... ya... I am a little irritated at this ward here, we are going to give a talk and just chew them out next Sunday, and they don’t realize that literally everyone is judging the church based on them. REMEMBER PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS WATCHING YOU! And judging you even if you don’t notice they are watching.... always watching.... (in a raspy whisper)...always watching... (creepy?)
Ok now to answer some of your questions from the email.... Snake... hahaha I’m sorry for the confusion with this, this is a phrase in the mission and I shouldn’t have even said anything, but we use this term for girls (or guys I guess?) that flirt with you, everyone is in love with the mission name tag, this is something elder arce taught me, people are always offering their daughters for marriage and flirting, so we call them snakes. But the lady that always yells out how beautiful we are, we contacted her and we are probably going to start teaching her this week!
The pictures for this week.... I bought me a new bible this week!

We were in this little shop they are called liberaria it’s like a paper and craft store but they also sell bibles, and I saw this little guy and just couldn’t resist, I’m getting lazy and my bible is like a brick! Seriously I will send a picture next week, and this little guy doesn’t weigh a thing. It is the same version as the church’s the reina valera so I bought it. So the picture is my comps and then mine which is a miniature version of his! They call the bible la palabra (the word) and they call my bible la palabrita (the little word). It’s cute and I love it.
Second photo bug bites of Guatemala!

I left in shorts one morning to go the tienda to go buy some snack food real quick and bam! That is what happened, I swear bug bites are worse here, that was only after like 5 minutes and I hadn’t scratched it yet.
Third is a member family that is super awesome!

I love them, and their sons want to be missionaries when they grow up!
Well I’m drawing a blank other then I love it here and it’s awesome! Changes are this week Wednesday to be exact. Saturday if we are both here we are probably going to go the temple with the rama and investigators and then next Monday we are going to go to the capital again to get my comps glasses fixed. That’s a lot of traveling I know! But the busses are air conditioned! So I’m loving life.
Reading this month’s Liahona about President Monson we are so lucky to have a prophet on the earth again, just like in times of old. It only makes sense, God doesn’t play favorites, why would people of old get a tour guide of life and we don’t?  Because that is exactly what he is a tour guide on our journey through life. Always listen to his council and always hang in there Life isn’t always easy but that is what makes it fun and worthwhile right? (Or am I wrong) (People always say that here when trying to fight or prove us wrong) Think about why we are here and what is our purpose? That will help you with the day to day things. Alright well love you all! 
-Elder Call

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