Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Where do I even start?! First off today has been CRAZY, so my brain is scattered I have been up since 3 because we went to the capital today. And we are finally writing internet and it is super late and we still have to travel back to our area, and we still have appointments! But we went to the cap because my comp needed to fix his glasses and he had a warranty on them so we went, and I got to see his old area and one of the members fed us there I LOVE THE LOVE PEOPLE HAVE FOR THE MISSIONARIES. Always love them because we appreciate it.

So really I wish I could just send my brain home so you guys could see everything how I see them and feel how I feel. But I can’t. So this week has been a little bit of a tougher one, the people are hard here, and a little mean sometimes, I think people forget that we are human also BUT it’s ok because I am having a blast here. And the Lord has blessed us so much with our investigators; one of them has had a complete turnaround in her health and now is preparing to be baptized with her husband, ya that’s right A FAMILY! So stoked for them, their faith has been amazing.

Well the title is mango, IT IS MANGO SEASON! And I love it! Everyone and their dog has a mango tree and I don’t know if you folks have seen a mango tree but the ones here are HUGE! And have easily like 300 mangos so we have been eating mangos like candy, literally... yesterday I think I ate like 8. They are so good. Saturday we went to the temple with the rama and we brought an investigator. What could be better than a lesson on the steps of the temple?! Ya that’s what we thought so we brought her to the steps of the temple and taught her, it went really well. But we had to wake up at 2 to go, so I am running on low energy right now... MORE MANGOS!

Talked with Elder Shipley in the office today, told him our moms are best friends and he laughed. also I saw a friend from my group he told me I looked fat... so that’s it it’s time to start exercising again I have been enjoying the sweets for too long, (I found a place that sells dr. pepper in the cap so I bought like 15 cans I LOVE IT!) but I’m still only 140 just with a mini belly.

I am mad at Aunt Barbara! Like they didn’t even offer to send me something! Or send something back with them! What punks!  I am stupid, Saturday at the temple I bought a ton of garments but the thing is 1. I don’t need them. 2. I don’t have space for them, so if you see on my card the charge it was for garments. (They are super cheap here, I love it) ok I am lame I’m sorry I promise I will do something crazy this week just so I can write about it next week, and I promise I will use internet when we have time so I can actually write. But I love it here! Missionary work is hard it’s really hard but I love it!
Elder Call

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  1. I can just imagine the conversation our sons had - imagining their crazy moms!! Love reading your son's blog and hearing how he is progressing on his mission.