Monday, March 26, 2012

Um Hi Family

Hi my mom, and my dad
Well this week FLEW by! It was seriously so fast, and SO HOT, so before I said it was hot but this week it hit an all-time high, I thought it was hot before, but now it is ridiculously hot! And it is starting to affect me, I am so tired, but it’s like a deep sleep that can never be fed, I feel like I have mono because I am always tired. (But that is known as the kissing disease so it would be better to say I have some other disease that makes me sleepy, just to avoid suspicion) Today we are just going to sleep and I am so stoked for it.
Well I feel like I am just playing with your guys hearts by saying we are moving then no, then yes and now NO! We are staying, things have settled down she is actually a kinda nice lady and we understand her point of view and she understands ours (and there just isn’t anywhere to move to) so we are staying, we have fixed everything in the apartment (thanks to my comp, he is a handy man).
Thanks for all the emails they are really so great! And the pictures were crazy! Dicks sporting goods? So now that’s like 5 sporting good stores we have? What else does St. George have? And also you guys need to be keeping the movie list! How could I keep one if I didn’t even know what movies are coming out! I’m shut off from the world so you guys will have to keep this list. This last week I was a little baggy, or just thinking about the family more first time in a long time, I think it was the heat (made me delusional and crazy) I’m stoked to go on a family vacation with you guys, (dad is so funny saying we won’t go, he made me laugh)
So we found an investigator that is crazy literally crazy! the first visit we could tell he was a little different, but we decided to press on we can really help this guy, he told us the voices told him to talk to us, so we took that and used it to our advantage and taught him, and he really liked everything, we got him on track to be baptized, but then things got flipped upside down around and turns out he just got out of a mental hospital and now he thinks we are trying to kill him or something, so we aren’t going to visit him anymore.
That is so weird it takes forever for you to receive emails! I’m sending this at like 926 so lemme know when you get it. Also mom you can’t let your studying replace the Book of Mormon, you need to do them both! They will help one another, also have you thought about fasting? I was studying fasting because yesterday was fast Sunday, and I learned so much about it that I didn’t know before. I didn’t bring my notes so I just copied this off of the church website, but pay attention to all the different reasons of why we can fast and also search the scriptures they are really awesome!
"To fast is to go without food and drink voluntarily for a certain period of time. Fasting combined with sincere prayer can strengthen us spiritually, bring us closer to God, and help us prepare ourselves and others to receive His blessings.
We can fast for many purposes. Fasting is one way of worshiping God and expressing gratitude to Him (see Luke 2:37; Alma 45:1). We can fast as we ask Heavenly Father to bless the sick or afflicted (see Matthew 17:14-21). Fasting may help us and those we love receive personal revelation and become converted to the truth (see Alma 5:46; 6:6). Through fasting we can gain strength to resist temptation (see Isaiah 58:6). We can fast as we strive to humble ourselves before God and exercise faith in Jesus Christ (see Omni 1:26; Helaman 3:35). We may fast to receive guidance in sharing the gospel and magnifying Church callings (see Acts 13:2-3; Alma 17:3, 9; 3 Nephi 27:1-2). Fasting may accompany righteous sorrow or mourning (see Alma 28:4-6; 30:1-2). " 
Ok nana is a stud; tell her way to go on her reading! She is so awesome, send my love to her, also I haven’t heard anything from Aunt Barbara did you say she was going to tell me where she went in Guatemala?
I am so stoked for general conference, we are probably going to go to Zacapa to listen to it, so I can listen in English, I will probably be able to see everyone from San Jorge so that will be such a blast! And also we are going to eat dominos!!!! SO STOKED and the best part is that it is GENERAL CONFERENCE. Everyone better listen and also what we are telling all our investigators is to come prepared, have a notebook to write down your thoughts and the spiritual impressions, and come with questions so that you are listening with a purpose, these are Prophets ladies and Gentleman! Let’s get the most out of this that we can. Oh and just an update I only have like 4 talks more of this last conference to listen to before this conference!
so this week in photos yes that first one is Elder Lagos with an ice cold Pepsi, instead of drinking it the thing to do is put it on your neck (cools you off) 

(I told you it was hot this week) next one me with a pepper,

our comedor told me if I eat that she won’t charge me for this next month that’s 600 q´s! It was super tempting, but then the voice of President Hinckley came into my head "don’t do stupid things" and so I decided not to. and the next one is we went up into the mountains in the boondocks searching for an investigator found the house but she wasn’t there,

then we found some less actives and they are coming to church this next week! (It was so far!)
Ok well I am done rambling, I love it out here, (even though we are baking) I feel like I am plateauing a little so I need to step things up a little with my studies and try to follow the spirit more, are we doing all that we can? Are you finishing every day and feel accomplished? When you go to bed do you have the feeling that it was a great day? Why or why not? Let’s work on making the most of everyday and having a great attitude! This is life why not make it fun?! Alright love you!
Elder Call

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