Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Days!

Umm so this week has flown by! And we worked hard! I think as far as stats go this is the hardest week we’ve worked, but honestly doesn’t even feel any more tiring. So we are stepping up our game because we need to see miracles in this area.

I explained to Dad that there are 4 different kinds of mangos and I think I’ve tried 3 of the 4; they all taste about the same. They are so good!  Oh I forgot to mention I saw elder Shipley last Monday in the office, he is such a little punk, and he was trying to get me to buy every little thing, like candy or get my shoes shined. But the reason we were in the office was to get money because we didn’t have any. And there he was like the little Satan on your shoulder whispering in your ear "buy it, buy it". We might have to go back again to pick up my comps glasses, I really don’t want to I am so sick of traveling, they maybe could just ship them to us.

I had the craziest thing happen yesterday in the house. So in Guatemala the bugs are a part of you, that is like thing number 3 thing to accept here. (Thing number one is there are no rules, and thing number 2 is that there is no limit on busses) so I noticed there were more than normal amount of ants on my desk so I get investigating and open one of the church DVDs I had and turns out there is a whole ant farm inside the DVD case with eggs and everything, it was horrifying, I was dying so then I searched through the next one and found an even bigger ant farm! THEN I searched in the next one AND... Nothing so they were only in 2, but still! I was horrified! So I quickly got rid of that problem by washing them.

I think we are going to switch houses at the end of this month and things are going to get pretty ugly. The landlord has tried to collect so much money from us for things that she should pay for so finally the office told us to switch so we are going to look for a new apartment today; I think we found one that seems pretty good it’s brand new so we will see how everything goes.

So this week I did divisions with Elder Zavallos, he is from Peru and has 2 months in the mission. I have 9 and a half months now how crazy is that?! But they went well we stayed in my area and I learned so many new things, got re-energized to work! (My comp also in his divisions, that why we stepped things up) so we have a baptismal date for the end of this month with a family and they are so ready and so great! I am so stoked for them they are really making a difference in their lives and making the changes needed to come unto Christ. He has had to stop smoking and it has been a nightmare for him to stop. He has had headaches and can’t sleep, but he is pressing through! They are super ready for this, now if only if we can find some baptismal clothes for him... (He is a giant! and just pure linebacker) but if that is our only concern we are going to be just fine!

So I have decided that this is going to be the hardest part of my mission, because it is summer now or verano. And all the movies are going to come out. A member who is a fanatic with all that has given me all the updates with the new movies coming out and this will be hard but just think this is my last summer to go through and I’ll be home by the next one!

So we went to a funeral I guess you could call it, but they do things different here, here if you aren’t family it is a party. They just sit for like 4 hours and talk eat drink and then leave, and there is a catholic priest there doing "interesting" (I won’t bash on any church but it is weird) things, I am so fascinated with the different customs and traditions of the different churches here, there are some weird traditions here and people that have really gone off the path. When you get into the small little villages they have some pastors that are leading the people away from the truth and it is so sad because they are so blinded!

Alright well there is a photo of one type of mangos they are smaller and are so good when they green and kind of unripe. Then they turn yellow when they are ripe.

 The other family is a family that we found walking down by the river and we are slowly teaching them. I love it here. 
There other photo is some trees that were super beautiful! 
Ok well I love you guys and hope everything is going well. I was dying when I heard dad got an iPhone! Bahaha!!! Tell him to hang in there and push through and he will one day learn it and love it; he will look back and not know how he lived without one. Well how is your reading going? Dad mom? And everyone else you all reading the Book of Mormon? And preparing for this general conference coming up! I love you all and keep it up!
Elder Call

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