Monday, April 2, 2012

A Family Baptized!!!

FAMILY! So this week was like a super crazy week I feel like so much happened!  But first off items of business, I can email whoever now, there isn’t a rule against that anymore, SO EMAIL ME, (but I still do love letters) Dad so glad you got the map, now you can always see where I’m at! Ok, don’t laugh but I got me a nice pans (belly) my comp says I look like a mini dad and it is only going to get worse, so how can I get rid of it? I’m in one of the hottest areas of the mission and we are walking a ton every day, so what is going to happen when I go to the capital where it is cooler and the areas are smaller?! I’m going to explode!! Also what is the purpose of vitamin E? Maybe that’s why I’m gaining weight? Also other question, I have a bunch of medicine from home and now or before I end my mission it will expire, so question is are they still good after the expiration date? Tylenol expired like in August last year, so ya....

Ok well I will just start with Monday and go from there! Monday was the worst p day, we literally did nothing and it was SO boring! I guess that’s what you get when you’re in the most spread out zone in the mission. Tuesday just a normal day, Wednesday we had interviews with President, he came here to Teculutan, and I don’t know what or why, but our interviews are always so short, because really everything is just going great, so we talk for a little, ask if there is anything he can do and ya, they are always short and sweet, but he is such a man! After I went on divisions with the ZL Elder Bitters he is just the most giant gringo in the world! But we did nothing, we had to travel to Guastatoya to do a baptismal interview, then we did one on our area and then we ate the most delicious flour tortillas, I’m going to take you guys to this restaurant when you guys come here, it really is SO GOOD!

So Friday we had a baptism!!! Actually 2, a family, they are such golden investigators and so ready for this change in their lives. I baptized him, and he is HUGE! He is such a beast, I’m sure it was a little funny seeing little Call baptizing him but everything went just great. And my comp baptized her. They went to conference and he was asking what he needs to do to receive the priesthood! So stoked for them! Saturday the conference was great, but they didn’t have keys to the computers so we watched the first session in Spanish, I could understand it but I just don’t get as much out of it, because I am focusing on what they are saying and so it is harder to receive the revelation, but then they got keys for the second session so we watched it in English over the Internet! It was so great! I forgot my notes so I can’t tell all about them today but I really liked the talk about not judging, a lot! and also about pride, that one really got to my comp which is good, I can already see a difference, (and he told me that too so don’t think I’m judging:)) we watched priesthood in Spanish again because they don’t have that on Internet, but again it was great! and to think everyone all over the world are watching the same session is a pretty cool thought, we are all singing the same song, how crazy is that to think about? I feel like a reoccurring theme was unrighteous dominion, and how we need to respect everyone, love everyone, don’t judge, be the one to end the grudges. Basically just become more like Christ! That is our goal. Every situation that we are caught in we can always ask (I know this sounds cheesy but it’s true) but remember the bracelets that said what would Jesus do? Ya ask that to yourself every time, and really try to do the right thing all though it probably won’t be the easiest thing.

Oh we ate dominos in between the sessions and it was so good! I love American food!! Sometimes I feel like I am deprived, but then I realize nope I love the beans and eggs every day! At the Sunday conference we saw the San Jorge branch because we all went to Zacapa and holy cow how I miss that area! The members were so excited to see me, and I truly can say I love them, I love the members there and want the best for them, we had such an impact on them, and they on us! The Sister missionaries there want me to come and show them all our old investigators so if president gives us permission we are going to go! And also a member there asked me if I would baptize her because she just turned 8, so we will see if we get permission!

I am sick I have some sinus pressure and a cold, I feel like Dad when he would walk around with the mucus just hanging down from his nose, we both have it, and I don’t know how we got a cold because it is blazing hot! I couldn't sleep last night, I woke up just soaked in sweat, looked at the temp 87 NBD, it is starting to get ridiculous how hot it is! But that is what makes it fun right?

Keep your reading up, and you too Dad! DAD READ, Joseph Smith said that book, the Book of Mormon, is the most correct book on the face of the earth, why wouldn't we read it?!?! Alright, well I love you and ya I’m out of time now! So I love you all and keep on having a great week!
Elder Call

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