Saturday, April 14, 2012

An unexpected surprise

Out of the clear blue today I received an email from Elder Shipley's mom. She and I have been corresponding because our son's are in the same mission...currently her son is AP to President Stay and I guess they have been in and around Chad's district this past week and have had meetings...she sent me this wonderful picture of her son, Elder Daniel Shipley and Chad...then she mentioned that Elder Shipley had this to say...."I sent you a picture of me and Elder Call. He was at the meeting we went to last week. He is such a nice kid. He would be an excellent comp." and then in the previous weeks blog..."The weather here is great, in the capital it feels like a regular hot summer day in San Diego, but outside the capital it is hotter than Satan’s armpit. Elder Call happens to be in one of the hotter spots of the mission, so I can see him suffering out there."

Awww, its great to hear from other's how well your son is doing...great blessing's to those that serve as well as those that support their service...I love these little blessings!!!

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  1. I LOVE the sketch he sent home - what a treasure!! I'm glad we have become friends through our son's - perks of a mission (even though our handsome sons think it is funny)!!! Have a great week - only a few weeks and we will receive our phone calls - I'm so excited!!