Monday, April 16, 2012

10 Months Already!

Well I will not be sending any photos home this week because I uploaded like 200 to Picasa!!! The first 40 were from Elder Lagos camera, and then the next 151 were from mine! And mom the picture of the Catholic Church looks like the one in Google earth because they are the same one!! So I am glad you got my package, I sent the name badge home just so you guys could have an extra one, and I got that picture done at the fair that was here in like Feb, forever ago!

So from last email tax return? How much money are they going to send me? Look in Picasa because there is a photo of Shipley but you guys have already seen the photo (his p day is Saturday so I can never give a surprise that I saw him) but we were talking after the meeting about how our mommy’s are best friends. So we thought what would they like better than a PHOTO!! He is such a stud. Dad you said last week you found a cantaloupe from Guatemala, I have no doubt that it was from Zacapa (the department where I am at) so you just found a part of my life here! 
Yes this is one of the hottest areas! And yes I really am so lucky to be out of the capital for so long, but next change I will probably go in and stay in for the rest of my mission. But that’s ok I have enjoyed my time outside.  I would LOVE to go up to Barrios which is the farthest area from the capital (6 hours) it is in this zone, it is so beautiful up there that would be my dream! And when I said “arm pit” of the mission I was referring to San Jorge! (I love that place) but it was literally in the middle of nowhere, and had nothing! Looking back I loved it there! And I probably will go back to baptize a little girl who just turned 8, (if I don’t have changes, I got permission from President).

Oh man so I won’t lie, I was pretty sick yesterday, throwing up and diarrhea, we were far from the house, but luckily we were at a member’s house, oh man, it was bad, but now I feel somewhat better... I think I know what it was that made me sick, something I drank from our comedor.

I was pretty sick yesterday but I am feeling a lot better today, I drank a strawberry drink it was super good, but here it is very hard to wash the strawberries so I doubt she washed them, who knows, I’m sick of this comedor she only serves us fried food, and for this I am fat, and the beans every day. But either this Wednesday or next change I will have changes and change all that up!

This past week has been normal, nothing really, we need to make progress in our area we don’t have people progressing which is horrible. This past week we really have been focusing on the Simi or the ward directory, to find all the people that aren’t attending and have moved or died, cleaning it up, because there are 500 members here but the attendance yesterday was 61, so something isn’t adding up, so we have been doing a lot of visits with inactive and some want to come back, but most don’t want a thing to do with the church which is pretty sad.  Besides that I am doing so great! I love it out here, I have 10 months! How crazy is that, doesn’t even feel like it, but I love it out here.

Mom what is your schedule for mother’s day like the days before, because I will ask president if I can call early or a day later but I need to know your schedule. Sorry this letter is kinda all over the place and not really a good one, but I am still alive and doing great, I love it! I love and miss you guys!

Ok well I have finished writing president and the other elders have not arrived to the chapel so I will just write a quick email of ramblings.  I’m glad you enjoyed your package, I love you guys and sure to miss you! I’m so stoked to come home! But I still have a long time left, I’m not letting it distract me, I am serving with all my heart and doing what I should be doing, but I do look forward to the day I come home and can be with you guys again!
I have really liked it out side of the cap, everything is a lot more chill, I think I will also enjoy inside the cap, because I will see the other missionaries more, receive letter more often (I haven’t received letters for over a month) because it takes so much time to get them out here, and there are actual wards that know what they are doing! But I love it outside I have enjoyed it a lot, and hope I stay out longer!

There is a really good restaurant I want to take you guys to when you get here, it is so good! (And clean don’t worry) and pretty cheap (if your using dollars, but as a missionary it is expensive) ok well I love you guys! And super stoked to talk to you in a month!!! May 13th right? Let me know your schedules and I will ask president stay for permission to call home early or late, I still don’t know about Skype it depends on if I have changes or not this week but we still have time. ALRIGHT I LOVE YOU!!!
Elder Call

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