Monday, April 9, 2012

WEH! or A La Gran

WEH! (It’s like way) I think I made that up, but it is a form of saying a la gran (but you don’t know what that means either) so it means basically oh man! This week has been a pretty crazy. First off mom the calendar that you sent me one of the quotes was this "If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change." -Buddha. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately, it really is a huge miracle all of this, just life in general, the beauty of it, and this gospel. It made me really grateful for everything, and got me thinking about Elder Nelson’s talk about being grateful for everything. Last week we went to some waterfalls, the same as before but this time we hiked to the top and they were even more beautiful. I honestly love the outside beauty so much! And mom the premature baby you flew was crazy! It goes perfect with what I was thinking all about this week! Just super grateful for everything.

Another quote (this week had some great quotes, usually they are cheesy and things you would like but this week they were quality!) "Don’t look back" and it’s a guy choosing a fork in the road, and an arrow pointing to the other way and says "no longer an option" and another quote (good week eh?) that says "nothing is worth more than today" so think about those, I won’t give my thoughts this week you can think and ponder about them.

So my thoughts about conference... umm Elder Oaks is my uncle I swear, he looks just like Uncle Alan and Jay it is scary. I loved Elder Holland’s talk about we are in the race against sin! And envy is sin, so be kind and grateful. And be grateful that the God is kind! I really like the parable he referred to about the workers, the boss promised them their wage and when works came and worked less but got paid the same they were upset, but why? They still got paid what they were promised! We are all working for eternal life, remember envy is sin! So be stoked when other people are succeeding on their way to eternal life! And us also!

Ronald Rasband made me laugh with his example because it is so true, if we see someone drowning are we going to say "let me know how I can help" or "do you need help?” NO! Jump in and help! It’s that simple. And last but not least Elder Andersen with what does Jesus think of me? We may not be perfect every day or do our best, but if we are trying Jesus will help us, he can do for us what we can’t do! So why not let him help us? Put the atonement in practice and apply it in our lives! It’s a free gift and it is there waiting for us to pick it up! USE IT!

Oh man I really wanted to write you guys all week, I really missed you guys this last week; I love you guys and be careful! I am worried about you so please I’ll say to you what you say to me, be careful!

So this week was a really hard one as far as working, because it is semana santa, and here because the country is really catholic based (or maybe not because of that) but semana santa (holy week) is basically spring break, nationwide, and literally EVERYTHING shuts down! Even the busses and newspapers…ya that’s how big it is. The tradition is to go to the river or beach and just party, drink and relax. Because this is supposedly the hottest week, (I’d believe it) so not really anyone wanted to listen to us or they were gone, we contacted in a neighborhood Saturday afternoon and literally not one person was home. It was a tough week, but we did find a family! That has potential! So we are going back Wednesday night! Also with semana santa it is Easter but a week long, and the Catholic Church does some crazy things! One of which is called a procession which is something I have never heard of. (I am learning so much about the Catholic traditions) I attached a photo it is basically they carry this huge "float" like, I don’t know what else to call it, but on top is Jesus dead, and I don’t know what else, and then in another one behind they are carrying Mary suffering. It is different, I felt really uncomfortable, (there were so many people! and it is just so different than what I am used to) but I have definitely enjoyed learning all about the Catholic culture and traditions.

So the 2 photos of the water fall, and me climbing who knows what, (I feel free in the wilderness!) bahaha and then one of the procession, with the Catholic Church in the corner.

Alright well I love you! And will probably write more, but have a great week, I really miss you guys but I love it out here! Just know that and continue in the work and just living your lives. Are you progressing every day? Or are you plateauing? And leveling off? We need to be progressing little by little every day; we aren’t going to make huge changes day by day, but huge changes little by little every day!

Hey!! so to answer your questions in the email... basically our whole mission is in the cap, there are 9 zones total, 4 outside and 5 inside, the zones outside are a lot smaller in numbers, if there are 200 missionaries 120 are in the capital, I am very lucky to be outside of the cap and for as long as I have been, it is an almost guarantee that I will serve in the cap, there are missionaries that have only served inside for their whole mission. Everyone wants outside of the cap. Changes are next Wednesday April 18th, and we find out late in the night next Monday, I will text you again if you want. and as far as skyping on mother’s day, it all depends on my area, if I have changes or not, also with the day if you work that day I’m sure I can get special permission from president to call you a different day, I just need to ask him, want me to ask him? And yes I did go to japan with the mayor’s dad; he was such a stud, a really nice genuine guy. And about our baptism the lady that was sick, she said ever since her baptism she has felt better then she ever has before! Before she couldn’t wash (they hand wash here) or nothing but now she is perfectly normal! How cool is that! The Blessings of GOD!

Just so you know I think I told you before but we can now email whoever we want, there is no rule against that. Did you ever figure out that weird email saying she wanted to link my website? What was that about? My address is the same that I gave you for Christmas, 5th Ave. 1-38 zona 1 Teculutan. But I doubt that will work, so the catholic church, go 2 streets down (toward the river) (I don’t know No, E, So, West here) then on that road go towards the mountains and you will see a huge lot with a small building in the corner with a green roof, that is the church, then one block (toward the capital) is where we live, I doubt that helps hahaha but ya…And I have a ton of photos from the waterfalls last week that I want to up load probably next week! Please be careful, I really miss you guys and don’t want anything to happen!
Love You!
Elder Call

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