Monday, November 12, 2012

I'M ALIVE!!! No Se Preocupe!

Ah family!! IM ALIVE!!!! no se preocupe! The earthquake was crazy! we were sitting in our room studying when I felt it first, it was sudden, not really strong, then my comp noticed it and it started getting stronger, when we were like wobbling from side to side, we just sat there thinking this is kinda cool, then it clicked ... oh maybe we should go outside... so we walked outside and we could see all the ripples in the street like the energy waves it was crazy! and the bushed and lamp posts were shaking so hard! but not enough to do any damage, it only made a lot of cracks in the plaster of the house, but nothing serious. as far as them becoming second nature I feel like I am always feeling an earthquake, idk if they are real or if I’m just imagining them, but they are going to do the changes one week early next changes, so they will be most likely on the 18th of December, around that time, and the changes are tomorrow!!! we still don’t know if we have changes they will tell us in like an hour, but I doubt it, not until next change when I will leave! which I’m not too happy about having to leave like a week before Christmas! I love this area where I am at!!! I am always listening to those albums on my iPod (Nashville’s Tribute Band) I love them, not so much the one about trek but the other two I am always listening to them! Mom are you kidding me about the phone upgrade?! (Samsung Galaxy S III) well do you like it? a lot of people have that phone here, it seems pretty good but huge! also I wouldn’t mind if you bought me that computer, you guys can even open it and get it ready for me or use it before I come home I wouldn’t mind. after reading the email from president I have a feeling I will open an area with so many changes that are going on! it is crazy how many new missionaries are coming. it is amazing to see the changes that this will bring. So I don’t know if you got that email from the member Wednesday night saying that we were ok, I hope so. we were eating dinner there when he offered to send it home, so he pulls out his black berry and sends it... ya sometimes I don’t feel like we are in Guatemala in this area. But that night the whole country was on red alert, because there is always a possibility of another earthquake so I had a bag packed with the things important (money, water filter, license, clothes) but my comp one upped me and slept with his clothes on! and with his pockets stuffed with the goods, that gave me a laugh. But luckily nothing happened and we worked normally the rest of the week, So Friday we went and helped give service as a zone, we went and helped loaded supplies to send via airplane to San Marcos to help out over there, I love doing that type of stuff, like really is there a job that has to do something with that? because I love it! we worked hard loading up a moving truck with water and other food items that they need over there, also we made kits that contain a blanket, rice beans oil, salt sugar and other things ready to eat. it was really fun, there were a bunch of news channels there... IM FAMOUS!!!!! a member called Saturday morning saying that she saw me on the 6 o´clock news Friday night! I was in a truck receiving all the bags to load up. I’m famous NBD (no big deal)
umm Saturday we went to EL TEMPLO!!! Teculutan and San Jorge went to go visit the temple so that means I got to see all my converts!!! There are no words to express what I feel every time I see them and see how happy they are! I actually miss san Jorge and Teculutan!! seeing all the members makes me so happy and sad at the same time!!! But they are doing amazing, those areas will always have a special place in my heart, and I will never forget the people there. So we were teaching Saturday night an investigator about the Book of Mormon, he told us he hadn’t read a lot, turns out he is in first Nephi chapter 11! he has the goal to read the whole book this week; he says his eyes have really been opened so we will see what happens with him! but after teaching him, we made fish! they just went fishing and caught a ton! of tilapia I think? I don’t know but we cleaned them then stuffed a whole bunch of seasoning in side and a whole bunch of "monte" it was interesting but super good!
also Sunday we had the primary program, it was so cool! I had never seen one of those here! alright family I’m sorry this was just an all over the place email! but just know that I love you and that we are doing amazing!!! that is all that matters. I hope everything is going well back home! because EVERYTHING IS GOING GREAT HERE!!! I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission, and to help other people, and to strengthen my testimony and knowledge of the gospel! it’s amazing!!! YOUR ALL AMAZING!!!! love you so much and see you soon! Elder Call

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