Monday, November 19, 2012

What A Crazy Week!

WOW, what a week, so a lot happened and a lot of changes....
We are seeing a lot of preparation for the new wave of missionaries that are coming; they now have split the mission into 12 zones, 4 outside and 8 inside the capital. Right now all the zones only have like 8 missionaries, but our zone wasn’t affected and we still have 24 missionaries, by far the biggest zone here! and our district of 14!!!!

Also I’m district leader... kinda interesting how that goes, as part of DL we interview all of the people before their baptisms to see what they have learned and if they are really ready to make this important covenant with God, well I get to do my first one this Wednesday! It was crazy!!! But it was fun and went well. She got baptized last Saturday. And this week will be busy with interviews and divisions with the areas here. 

I GOT MY PACKAGE!!!! LIKE 20 MINUTES AGO! Thank you so much! I still haven’t opened it yet but will do once we get home!!!!

I don’t know what happened but my comp has just lost all interest to be here, or to be a missionary. It is like pulling teeth to get him to work, but we are moving forward, and I am trying to help him, we still have a really good friendship and relationship which has helped a ton! Because if we didn’t there would have been no way he would still be here, we are both very open and just trying to help him! 

So yesterday there was another earthquake (but it didn’t do any damage) but in Nueva Concepcion which is where I thought Chase was, is he ok? Was it even there or did something even happen? That’s just what I heard.

Oh man I am so happy today, idk why. Well a couple questions... How is Sister Wilcox doing? Also when is the date to sign up for classes? I would like to do that, and study it out (at least the professors) maybe would take only like an hour, but I would have to ask President Stay. So when is the date? Also I heard that like a whole bunch of states want to break off from the United States?!? What is going on with that? And what is Obama care? Also the war in Jerusalem? Fill me in, also I never really understood, did Lance Armstrong get caught doping? Was there hard evidence? Or whatever happened? Also what was his reaction?

Ok so this week was crazy!! Really fast because there is no time!!
1. We painted a house (photos included) it took all day; it would have been a lot faster if people listen to me but nobody listens!!!

Also I paid the electric bill today 81.59 Q`s!!!! That’s like 10.45 dollars. Ya I’m thinking about coming back and living here! 

Alright family I’m sorry we are out of time!! I promise I will write better, I think it’s time for the hand written again because I can say more!! But I love you and that is all that matters. This church is true, I know it, and I love It.! I love helping people change I love Jesus Christ I love my savior. Have a good week and a great THANKSGIVING!!!!(Sigh.... otro holiday alone...) but this time we have Applebee’s  :)   we will see what happens.
Ok love you!!!
Elder Call

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