Monday, November 26, 2012

Aren't All Week's Crazy!?!?!

Wow Hi family…what a crazy week. We have been running all over the place. It has been crazy, but good! Lemme start from the beginning…Aka Lunes. After writing you guys I gave my first district meeting lesson. It went well. Talked about how we can help our new investigators turn into progressing investigators. I thought it went well. There is a new attitude in the district and we are getting stoked to work again. We have a lot of upcoming baptisms in the district which is awesome! Also in our area we have a couple coming up in for us as well! There is one who is the cousin of a member who is now living with her. She loves the church and is soaking everything up! The other one is a man like 60 years old. He is a “dry member”. He has known the church for over 30 years but his wife never wanted to get married. But he lives as a member! He knows more than us! And his wife finally one day agreed to being married! So we are in the paper work stage right now. Also I think I told you about another guy, he’s a stud. He used to live in the states but had a stroke and brain surgery. So he is pretty down right now. He doesn’t want to do his exercises. So we are visiting him getting him stoked again. This week we talked about the faith, hope, and charity in Moroni 7 and if he has hope he will have faith (verse 42) and faith will always lead us to act. Every time we visit him he gets stoked! So this week was crazy! Did the interviews with President, only problem was that our beloved zone leaders didn’t tell us until late the night before, (the assistants never told them) but that’s beside the point. I love interviews, they are always so good, and just what I need! After the interviews we started divisions with the Elders in Fraijanes. I went with Elder Martin. He goes home in December. He became the zone leader out in Zacapa once I left and now he is training to finish out his mission. He is a great missionary. I learned a lot from him. While there I did a baptismal interview. It was great! Went well and he passed. He got baptized today (Sunday)! Well that night we didn’t have dinner and we were kinda close by PriceSmart (it’s like Sam’s Club or Costco) so we went and ate the pizza and a chicken bake with ranch. Just like in the states! It was so good!! I haven’t had ranch for 18 months! The next day we went to a district leader training meeting in the capital, saw like my whole group I swear! Our whole group are leaders; we have a solid group that entered together. Well on the way back we didn’t have lunch that day either, so we somehow ended up at TGI Friday’s, IDK how, but it was so good! That was a little Thanksgiving celebration we had for ourselves. I thought about you guys that day, but in the night time we got invited to a thanksgiving dinner. NBD! A member here invited all 24 missionaries in the zone to go eat at his house. It was so good! He hired a chef for us! I felt like I was in the states it was so nice. So don’t worry me we were in great hands that day. The next day went on more divisions but this time with Elder See in Pajon. He has about 5 months and is a great missionary. We worked so hard! We had an appointment from 10-8 every hour! That has never happened! We worked hard, he will be a great help to the mission. His mom is a part of the mothers blog because he received his micro fiber towel and a small little Christmas tree with decorations (classic missionary mom blogger, remember when you did that!!!). While we were there a less active that we were teaching thanked us, but this time you could feel his sincerity and his love for us. He said our words really truly helped him. It got me thinking about what we are doing out here. The people we are helping, the words that the spirit puts into our mouths, a lot if not all the time, I take it for granted. I don’t realize what I’m doing out here and the people I am truly helping. It has become almost second nature because we are always doing it. It mean we plan for each person and truly try to help them (teach people not lessons) but when he thanked us it put all that into perspective of all the good that we are doing. I think that mixed with doing the baptismal interviews and seeing the people changing has opened my eyes to see just how big of a difference we are doing out here. I love it! So in Pajon we did another interview with a kid who has 15 years, but he looks like he is 25. I thought he was so old but nope! He passed. So ya that’s the week in a nut shell! Oh but also did divisions with the zone leader’s (Elder McNabb pure stud) to do more interviews! I did an interview for one of the coolest people I have met here in the mission, super humble and so smart. During the interview we talked a lot like 45 minutes just about everything and I testified of the church and how happy we both feel from it! He is such a good guy and is already a great member! I love him! Did another interview after…and this week is looking just as busy with service, appointments, divisions, and interviews. Its good, I like being busy and helping / getting to know all the missionaries in the district! I love this church it is so true, so amazing! It makes me so happy. I love being out here. I don’t ever miss you guys! You were all together…without me…having fun…while I’m here…alone…in the cold…Oh well… Well I love you all and hope you guys have a great week! Elder Call

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