Friday, December 7, 2012

Another Week Flew By As Usual!!!

Sorry I wrote out my emails again.... it’s just that I have like no time!!! Maybe dad could be a scribe for you again....bahaha me and elder see are sitting right next to each other and both our moms shared emails from us...bahaha…ok Hi family…this week flew by but literally this week from Monday to Thursday was just one giant blur…well first off what’s fresh on my mind is the Christmas Devotional last night. It was so good! And first time this year actually made me miss home! But don’t worry it was only for like 5 minutes! And now I am back to normal! I hope you guys got to see it because it was pretty good…just a couple notes of what I liked was “we need to learn how to receive with graciousness and gratitude” from President Uchtdorf. President Eyring, I really liked hearing from him. He is so genuine and sincere, he taught that creating joy around the Christmas time requires others and President Monson is always amazing, he talked about service. He said true love is a reflection of Christ’s love. Also true happiness comes by making others happy and not by giving gifts but by service and love, “he who gives of himself gives all.” This world is getting more and more focused on giving and the technology aspect of things, but they gently reminded us to refocus ourselves on Christ and the true reason of Christmas. Try to focus more on true meaning of Christmas and not get too caught up in the temporal meaning, give more service! Especially to the older generation! They have done so much for us!!! So I love this area…we got to choose to go to the stake center to watch the devotional or watch it in our area on a brand new Large 3D flat screen TV. It was huge! And so cool. Have you guys ever tried one of these? They are pretty cool! Alright…well this week did more divisions and went with Elder Hollingsworth who is in an area called Los Lomas in Zone 16 of the Capital. They went really well. Did 3 more interviews…everyone is baptizing now which is amazing!!! It was fun, as always in divisions, learned a lot, and hopefully taught a little, but I think it is me that is doing all the learning here!!! He goes home 6 weeks after me…speaking of which this Saturday I hit 18 months!!! Say what!!! How crazy is that??? I can’t believe that, doesn’t really feel like that, in a sense that I feel new still! But I do feel like I have been away from home on an adventure living a dream for like a year, but not 18 months?! Crazy, we get to call also!!! Let me apologize in advance if I just speak Spanish the whole time, or better yet if I just listen to you guys speak! Alright…Wednesday I went back to an area called Fraijanes to do another interview and then back to my area…I have not had the best luck this week. My towel got stolen! We always put them out to dry out front (which is something you shouldn’t ever do in Guatemala) but I figured we are in a residential so it’s OK and I’ve been doing it for 6 months! But we come back and my towel is gone! But my comp was still there…they only stole mine! I think because his smelt too bad Bahaha!!! I was teasing him the whole time about that. So we are going to go to a thrift store to find a replacement. Friday we got to go to the baptism of the really wealthy but humble guy. It was such a great baptism, the spirit was so strong there, and just to see how happy and seeing him feel the spirit was so humbling it is those moments for which we live for as missionaries. We had an investigator there also; she is going to get baptized the 15th of December. She is soaking it all up and stoked!!! So my new favorite lesson to teach is the plan of salvation! I love it! I love it so much. I’m making some figures out of foam to teach it. I’m so stoked. It’s gonna take forever but it will be worth it! I don’t know why but I love it, I love having the answers to where we are going, why we are here, like what is our purpose here, and where are we and our loved ones going after this life?! It brings peace and joy to know about the plan, and I am stoked to share this knowledge with others. So I don’t know if they announced in church Sunday, but the first presidency is challenging us to read the Book of Mormon before next conference in April. I also challenge you guys to accept that challenge!!! It’s only 4 pages if you start now! President Stay has the inside so he challenged us on the 13th of November and I accepted it and I’m going to DO IT! DO IT ALSO!!! But he challenged us to look for 3 things: 1. any reference of Jesus Christ 2. Any words of Christ, 3. Promised blessings/covenants of the Lord. I am looking for those things and there are a ton. It is really strengthening my testimony that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ because it only talks about him! I am only in 2 Nephi, but I love it! So will you guys accept that challenge? It’s not from me; it’s from the Prophet of God! I sure hope so because I know you guys will be strengthened spiritually. It’s a Prophetic Promise!!! Alright, well I love you all so much! I’m listening to “The Forgotten Carols” cause today Mom is going to Vegas to see them. Enjoy them!!! I love you all so much! I hope you all have a great week where ever you are! Remember the true meaning of this Christmas Season and try to help someone out!!! I love you! Elder Call

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