Saturday, December 8, 2012

25 Days of Christmas...Guatemalan Style!?!

Well I have to say that the boy scored a homerun!!! On Saturday December 1st we received a package from Guatemala...
anxiously we opened the large box weighing almost 9 lbs!!! Upon opening we see many small envelopes and wrapped packages and a letter on top???
It says...TASTE OF GUATEMALA...Welcome to the package entitled "Taste of Guatemala." The purpose of this package is sto give you a small taste of Guatemala through food, culture and other things. There is a designated envelope for every day leading up to Christmas. The rule is you can only open the envelope on the desginated day...o sea no puede abrir todes en las misma noche (you can't or shouldn't open all of them all at once!) ONE A DAY!!!! No cheating, also other rule is that both parents need to be present. It is for you two so hence you both need to be present...I hope you enjoy it!!! P.S. Some of the things require time. So you will both need to find a common time when you will have a moment to do the task or thing assigned. Also I included some food you can invite others to sample!!! Enjoy!!! Day 1,2,3,4,5, Um Hi Family...Well this didn't work out quite as I planned, BUT it still will work. So for your first day go and check and I am going to try my very hardest to have uploaded my photos on December 3rd..but if for whatever reason I don't you guys can start opening envelops the 6th of December!!! And from then on there is something for everyday leading up to Christmas! Love you!!!
Day 6
Hi...Well with this one I don't know if I should tell you before or after you try them what they really are...they are delicious. At least I like them!!! HaHa...try them!!!...They are goat milk suckers. I'm sure you've tried them or something similar before...everyone eats them here! It's crazy!!! Day 7
So what would be a taste of Guatemala without the music from here?! Here the classic Guatemalan music is the Marimba...that is the classic cultural thing here. I have grown to like it. It takes a little getting used to but it is very relaxing and Guatemalan! Lemme know if you like it! Provecho! Day 8
TorTrix...what would Guatemala be without TorTrix. These are like hot dog to America or baseball to America! They are classic Guatemala!!! They have a ton of different flavors, like 10 and they are all great! Nothing like a TorTrix and a glass bottle of Coke...Bien Fria! Well all you blog readers you will just have to wait until next week when I post the next exciting things we received with our count down of 25 days to Christmas!!! Til then...Jan

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