Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's Feeling A Lot Like Christmas!!!

Wow…Hi family I swear the weeks are getting faster and faster. So here is the low down…Monday we went bowling! Last time I beat everyone but this time I did horrible! But oh well it was fun. Tuesday we did divisions with San Jose Pinula. I went there with Elder C from Peru. He has 13 months and is a great missionary. We had a great day. Worked super hard, harder than I worked in a long time and I love it! I miss it! We also had a super spiritual lesson, it was about the restoration of the church and it was my turn to tell about the first vision. While I was telling about the first vision the spirit came so strong we both felt it and they felt it also and we asked them too if they could feel the spirit. Then we explained a little more about the spirit. It was an awesome experience/lesson. In Pinula they have chocolate covered bananas and they are so good! The first layer is yogurt or cream I’m not sure, that’s frozen then they put chocolate on it dip it in peanuts and then coconut! It’s so good!!! Later on in the week we helped a member decorate her house for Christmas! I love this area! Cause in what other area in Guatemala would you do that?! You wouldn't! We did divisions Friday with the zone leaders, I went with Elder McNabb. He is such a stud and we've grown to be great friends. So we taught an interesting lesson. He is from the States and inactive. He moved here a year ago cause his wife left him with his kids. So somehow he ended up here teaching English at a very private school. He has had a lot of bad things happen to him and has a lot of anger bottled up inside against God. We got permission to use our iPods so we didn’t have to carry our English scriptures around, well with him we watched a little of a CES fireside of Elder Holland called “Lessons from Liberty Jail.” It talks about 3 points…1. God has not forgotten about us 2. The Savior has been where we have been (we only talked about those 2 points). If you have time watch it cause it is amazing. We watched from 12-34 minutes then we talked a little and basically he said “wow I now know what I have to do.” The spirit was super strong and really touched his heart. Plus I loved teaching in English, but after he said “you guys aren’t used to teaching people in English are you.” Bahaha!!! It’s just the little things that we screw up in English. We also brought him Egg Nog that was 4.5 Q’s, like 50 cents for a liter…it was amazing! So Friday December 7th, I don’t know if I told you about this day last year but it is a crazy tradition called “burning of the devil.” Basically they make devil piñatas and then burn them! Some people go all out and make huge ones. But they fill them up with fireworks and firecrackers. All of Guatemala goes crazy this day. So welp we did too! Bahaha…we burned the devil just only without fireworks (cause we are good little boys :) ). So Elder McNabb’s comp is a super great missionary, just an all around great guy from Nicaragua. But they are super poor. There were times when they went without food. His Dad left them awhile back and he has never received a letter so when I found that out I promised him I would send one, but while on divisions I still hadn’t sent him the letter so I started to do it…then well it started with a candy bar and a letter and you know how I am once I start it somehow goes like 8 steps farther…so long story short I wanted to get him a little package for Christmas cause he’s not going to be getting anything. So I took some of my Christmas money and bought him a couple of things. I also got McNabb in on it. So after we put them in a box and gave them to the neighbor (who is a member) to doorbell ditch them and leave the box. I am so stoked!!! They are going to do that Christmas eve, but tomorrow (today Monday) they are going to leave some soccer shoes (cause today we are going to play soccer as a zone). So it’s going to be a huge surprise and I’m stoked! We didn’t leave our names…Bahaha…so I will let you know how that goes. We were definitely feeling the Christmas spirit!!! I love it!!! Here in this zone it actually feels like Christmas. Everyone is always out buying and it just feels different in the air! Well just to wrap up we are going to have a baptism this Saturday! Woot Woot!!! I love baptisms except that they are super stressful. Also, I got your package and I accidently opened it. I love it!!! The calendar is so cool mom. I love it! I truly love it and that article is awesome mom! Your such a stud. I love you and am so proud to have you as my mom and you dad as my dad. I love you guys so much. There are changes coming up and I am probably out of here. They are the 19th. Tuesday the 11th we have our Christmas activity. These weeks are flying by! It is crazy how fast it is going by. Before we know it I’ll be home! Crazy! Anyways just know how much I love you guys! And how much I love this gospel! It brings so many blessings into our lives. I love it! It is so true!!! Elder Call

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