Monday, December 24, 2012

An Eventful Week!

Wow, so this week was very eventful. Monday came and went with no word about the changes Wednesday. We were both positive that I had changes though….wrong!!! We both had changes. So Tuesday was a sad day as we said goodbye to our investigators and the members here. I was pretty sad. This area is easily my favorite area for the members, converts, and friends I have made here. It was hard saying goodbye to this area. Wednesday morning I felt like Preston when he had unexpected changes and said I feel like a baby who had candy taken away from him. I felt sad and almost depressed! Even though I knew it was coming. I hate packing FYI!!! The #1 thing that is the worst!!! Well I will cut to the chase and tell you; well where I am…I am outside the capital again in an area call Barberena with an Elder Rios. Oh and I am also a Zone Leader! Crazy Stuff! Everyone freaked out when they announced that! It was a cool moment! So I’ll explain more about that further on, but first my area…I still am not used to being outside the capital…that means 1) it is a branch here…today the attendance was 39. 2) it is hot! But right now not too bad. I’m sweating sometimes but at night it is such a nice temperature! Makes me miss home and the St. George nights or California! I love the atmosphere in this town! It is so lively and energetic! If I had to compare it to the states it would be Las Vegas…there is a block of just bars and prostitutes. That’s kinda sketchy but that is why zone leaders are here Ha! 3) The people are a lot poorer! 4) it sometimes is a lot harder for the people to understand our message or feel the spirit and 5) our house is 2 little rented rooms. It is horrible! I don’t even want to take a video it is that bad! But we are changing next week so that is what gives me hope 6) No water heater outside the capital and here the water is ice cold! Literally! I hate showering. It is now a burden to shower, when before it was like what I looked forward to! But that also will change next week  When I got here Wednesday night I was pretty bummed but now I have grown to love this area, it has a lot of potential! So as zone leader we are in charge of the Zone Cuilapa which has 22 missionaries and which covers basically all the way to the coast by Taxisco. Um I can’t think of anything else about the zone that would be interesting to tell. Oh I love having a cell phone. It is by far the best thing of being a zone leader! Hey you should call me ya? 4630 7417! Call me. Think of a couple of questions for tomorrow. I have a couple of things to say that I probably shouldn’t say here so tomorrow. So Saturday night we were in the only restaurant here called Pollo Campero cause my companion had to use the bathroom when some members walked in from California! Talk about a small world!!! Their son served in the Salt Lake Mission about a year ago. So they wanted to buy us dinner…(mom thanks to you because you bought the missionaries lunch one time). I love this church, it is so amazing. I love the principles it teaches us. It definitely what the world teaches us. We are teaching a recent convert who is going through some trials and is super sad and is angry with God, but he still has so many blessings! That is something I am so grateful for is that the church has helped me with my attitude and outlook on life. God has given and still gives us so many things that we don’t even deserve! I am so grateful to him for this church, for this opportunity to be a missionary in his work, for my family, for my health. Really everything depends on our outlook of life. One thing that I have noticed is that I have grown to be more humble to submitting to the will of the Lord (or at least I think, here we don’t really have a choice ) but with this convert we read with him “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten” by D. Todd Christofferson. But we focused on the example he used from President Hugh B. Brown. Read it! Cause it’s amazing and a great example of how sometimes we can’t see the whole picture, but God can, he knows where we’ve come from, why we are here and even better where we are going. Sometimes we want to do our own thing but he has other plans for us. We just have to be humble and submit ourselves to his will cause he knows better. Just be positive, love life, help out and give service this holiday season especially to the less fortunate or to those that just really need a hand right now. Be Happy! This church is true, I love it! I love you guys so much!!!

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