Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Taste of Guatemala Continued...

Taste of Guatemala Day 12…Welcome to this day, I hope your having an amazing week! I love you! Well for today, I don’t know if you guys have heard but there are a ton of ancient ruins here in Guatemala. They are from the Mayans, pretty cool huh!!! The best part is that here is the Book of Mormon land so these ruins are…ancient Book of Mormon cities! Anyways today you have an assignment to build these ruins. They are a representation of some ruins in Northern Guatemala…(that may or may not be true) but while you’re putting them together be thinking of the ruins here in Guatemala!!! Feliz Dia!
Taste of Guatemala Day 13...Okay…these crackers I thought were so random, but every store has them which means that everyone eats them! I thought they were only for kids but nope…They come with a packet of Jam to put on them, so be sure to eat them how they are intended!!! Provecho!!!
Taste of Guatemala Day 14...Howdy ya all!! Alrighty well today you have a great surprise! It’s a drink called Atol! It is a corn drink that is so Guatemala! (They make so many things from corn!) I doubt ya will like it. It took me a while to get used to it. But here they serve Atol ridiculously hot so hot you can’t drink it. It kinda bugs me how hot they serve it, but I love it now! I included 2 different flavors: original and vanilla. Vanilla is super good and well the other…you’ll see. Directions: boil 1 cup milk in other cup mix the powder with more milk once well mixed, add it to the boiling milk (the amount really doesn’t matter depends if you want it to be strong or not and also how many people) add sugar.
Taste of Guatemala Day 15...Alright well you guys are probably thinking why did I send you guys trash!?! Well it’s not trash, it’s water! OK well it’s trash but before it was a bag of water! The thing is, is that the majority of the purified drinking water comes in bags! Ya buy it in whatever random small street store call a “Tienda” and then just bite off the corner and start sucking. That was one of the weirdest things to get used to at first, but now its normal! Prices: in areas hot aka Zacapa: 1Q…in all other areas .50Q.
Taste of Guatemala Day 16...So what would be the taste of Guatemala without their different bills? Well Guatemala is really dirty including the bills, so I decided to only send new ones home so you guys wouldn’t be grossed out. But these are what we use here. Also they have bills of 50, 100, 200. But they are really expensive and I am really poor…so enjoy these bills!!!

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