Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Taste of Guatemala Continued...

Day 9...On the 9th day of Christmas our Chaddy sent to us...Horchata!! I think they have this in the states, but I love it so much! The real stuff is so much better but this is also really good. In Zacapa this is all we would drink but super cold!!! Directions: add to 1 liter cold milk (or water).
Day 10...On the 10th day of Christmas our Chaddy sent to us...Money!!! This was Brooke’s favorite of course…money. The Note is kind of hard to read…so this is what it says…So like 2 months ago they came out with new bills of Quetzals! So they were circulating…here is a hefty collection of some. They are interesting how they make them, before they were paper but now they are slowly changing all the bills to plastic…I sent a lot home so you guys can keep them or give them out as you wish, at work, or in your class or however you wish.
Day 11...On the 11th day of Christmas our Chaddy sent to us: The note reads…Here is another weird thing (at least for me) but I bet Dad will love them. It is like a creamy chocolate cream with different flavors. I hadn’t tried them until like a week before I made the package. I didn’t like it, it tastes good but I don’t know…it’s weird…try it! Love you guys
I love the 25 days to Christmas!!! Jan

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