Tuesday, December 18, 2012

You Are Gonna Hate Me...Short Letter!!!

Oh hi family! You guys are going to hate me, cause I didn’t write a letter last night, every Sunday night I have to collect the stats of the week for each area in the district, it isn’t hard but sometimes just time consuming, so usually I write it in the morning, but today we are using internet in Don Justo (our stake center!!) so we left earlier and so I didn’t have time to write it.... and right now I’m not in a really writy mood either.... so I probably won’t write a lot hahaha but I loved your letters!!! Thank you they were nice and long :) I will share with you my thoughts and feeling as of late, because been awhile. I am alive and well, I cannot believe I have 18 months in the mission, in fact it scares me, I still feel new! but I love it here, I absolutely love the mission, I love all the lessons that I am learning and experiences that I am gaining also I love teaching, I love helping people change and accept Christ into their lives, and learning about the Restoration, it is amazing!!! There is nothing better than seeing someone accept the Gospel and truly turn their lives around and change. Guatemala is crazy! And it’s even crazier right now because for Christmas everyone lights off fireworks like every second! Well just know that I am doing amazing! I love the Christmas season for the spirit that it brings, I love helping people and I miss you guys. I love you all, and I promise I might do better next week in my writing... Mom does dad know that we are coming back? And how does he feel about that all?!?! Oh man mom I am so excited!!!!! Also up in Petén there is an island called Isla de las Flores or something like that, something I think would be worth seeing, also there is a zoo, that is like on a whole bunch of small islands up there that you have to travel by boat to go and see, I think that would be awesome, but would there be time for that up in Petén? Also depending on my last area if I only have one more or two more will change the things I will keep thinking about what we can do, where is your geocaches that you want to get? Well we don’t know the transfers yet, I don’t want changes but I bet I will have them, and I could see myself opening up a new area and training, which would be.... fun during the holiday season, but I wouldn’t mind it, it would be a fun experience. With Christmas would you like to Skype? I know it depends on my area but would you like too? The baptism went amazing!!! It was the first time when I wasn’t stressed out or worried, a lot of things went wrong as always, like her blouse ripped right before, so we started pretty late but she was baptized!!!! Which is always amazing, the spirit was there and she felt it which is always our goal!
We had the Christmas devotional as missionaries this week, not gonna lie it was a lot different than last years, and I felt something was missing. Last year we played all morning ate and had a devotional and watch the 17 miracles movie, but this year we just had a 2 hour devotional and then ate, it was good but just wasn’t the same.... Also we had the ward Christmas party right after the baptism which was fun! They did a bunch of acts and we ate well!!!! Ok mom a couple more small things of business, what thing would you like to do here in Guatemala, what would you like to see? I love you!!! and I read the conference talk by President Eyring, and I will think about it for you but i think it’s too late now!!! LOVE YOU...Elder Call

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