Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Taste of Guatemala Continued....

A Taste of Guatemala Day 17...So Halls…These things are like candy here! Everyone eats them like candy and water! They are in every store and cost .25Q…These are my favorite flavors…grape and orange…
A Taste of Guatemala Day 18...Well today I am going to be super selfish and talk about myself. Apart of or A Taste of Guatemala is me! Cause I’m here now, I’ve been here for about 18 months now and I have enjoyed you guy’s support. It has pushed and motivated me to be the best missionary I can be, knowing that I have my own support group back home. Mom with your packages, and Dad with your hand written letters. These things (packages and letters are always filled with random awesome things. So I am going to ask for at least one more letter and one more package…BUT I’ve never received a hand written letter from you Mom or a package from you Dad. So that is your assignment…Mom an actual letter before I finish and Dad an actual package. (Doesn’t have to be big…) Dad can help Mom with the letter because he is basically a pro by now in letter sending and Mom can help Dad with a package cause she has it down to a science! P.S. Here are the Starburst wrappers from the last package…we really enjoyed them…llenarl los!
A Taste of Guatemala Day 19...You guys are in for a treat today. These cookies are probably my favorite thing here in Guatemala! I love them, you can try them normal or put them in the micro wave for like 10 seconds…Super Good!!! Enjoy!
A Taste of Guatemala Day 20...We are definitely in a different culture with this one…it is one thing that I haven’t gotten used to, nor will I probably ever…But here they put salt on every fruit or vegetable, apples, strawberries, pineapple, oranges!!! I don’t get it. Also, if we are waiting for the food there is always a huge bowl of salt out and they will eat just salt. Also another thing is that they put lime on everything and chile! So here they got smart and combined it all together salt, lime and Chili!!! You at least need to try it!!!
A Taste of Guatemala Day 21...Well what would be A Taste Of Guatemala without seeing their “fichas”. Their coins are really cool. On each one has something really important to Guatemala. 1 Quetzal it has the “peace signature” which what ended the war here and it was signed December 29th 1996 and on the other side has their national emblem. .50 piece has the National flower on it called “Monja Blanca” or “White nun.” .25 piece has an indian woman (because there are a lot here). .10 piece has the statues of Quirgua, which are some ruins here (I’ve been there!!!) .05 piece have a huge tree on it. I think its called the seba or something like that. But it is huge!!! There are a ton here (more in Zacapa) but they are breath takingly big. It is ridiculous how big they are.
A Taste of Guatemala Day 22... Hi Mom! I love and miss you so much! I don’t even know where to start to begin thanking you for everything. But I think I will start with a quote by James E. Faust which states “The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation.” And that is so true. Your influence on me has been huge and continues to be. I think I’ve said this before but the biggest thing I am grateful for that is a strength of yours has been your continual support in whatever I am pursuing from cross country, dance, school plays, student council, college, or the mission. You have always been 100% behind me encouraging me to pursue my dreams. I am so grateful for that!!! It didn’t matter how ridiculous it was you were there for me. But above everything I am so grateful for you guys teaching me and bringing me up in the gospel. I know you have a testimony. I can also say alongside the 2000 stripling warriors that you have taught me well (Alma 56:47-48). I feel like we have both grown while I have been out on my mission and I look forward to when we can be together as a family again…I love you!
Dad you’re such a stud…no really I am so grateful to have you as my dad. All the memories we have shared you have a lot to do with me becoming who I am today. Your love, patience, gentle and sometimes not so gentle, guidance throughout my teenage years. I am so grateful that you took part and interest in my life and that we share so many memories. Usted gano, sus hijes ya estan granes y todas estan por diferente caminos hacienda diferente cosas, palabras no puedan expresar la gratitude en mi Corazon por todo lo que ustedes me han ensenado y han hecho y por ensenando me sobre el Evangelio gracias. Te amo papi pecho peludo.
A Taste of Guatemala Day 23...Um Hi…I’m famoso. I was on national TV. You see we went to go help make some humanitarian kits for the earth quake in San Marcas and there were a bunch of News people and photographers taking my photo. But I had this vest on. Wherever we give service we have to wear them, kinda trendy, right?

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