Monday, January 21, 2013

Busy Week With Divisions

Hi family.... well we don’t have like any time, I am just here to copy and paste what I wrote send them and then we are out of here! We have to go to Cerinal an area close by, but I will use internet later on at like 4 or 5 I imagine. So any questions or comments send them and I’ll respond! Wow well this week was interesting.... Monday not too much happened; the assistants called that night and told us they wanted to do divisions with them Tuesday so Tuesday I went to the capital to an area called trebol, the assistants’ area. I went with elder Jensen, he is Cool guy, their area is struggling a little right now, it is in the finding phase of the work, and literally every single one of our appointments fell through which makes things hard. But we did see some success, when we returned to a contact we had made the people weren't there, but then I contacted the guy who answered the door and he let us in and we had a pretty good first lesson with him, he had ton of questions about how the church started so we explain about Joseph Smith and the first vision, turned out really well! That night I got a package from Stratford’s! We opened it and played a game called "pass the pigs" it was a crazy night! (the secretaries of the mission who are both great friends of mine were there so it was a really fun time) it's a game where the pigs are the dice and you have to throw them and depending on how they land is how many points you get. (My comp after I explained it to him just said (while shaking his head in a sad manner) said you Americans and your games) bueno at least I like it! Also while in division's I got Cinnabon!!! I have been craving a real cinnamon roll for over a year now and I finally got one!! It was by far the best thing I had tasted in a long while. Wednesday it rained super hard! It was so out of the blue, Wednesday rain, Thursday super-hot, Friday and Saturday it was super cold!! And then Sunday back to normal, the weather here is muy raro. Thursday we had a mission conference!! Elder Christofferson came here to Guatemala!! But only missionaries inside the capital could attend....ya life isn't fair...... But we did get to watch it in Cuilapa through Internet! So at least we got to watch it. It was really good! That mixed with the divisions got me really thinking about a couple things, about how can I improve myself as a missionary and also how can I be a better help to the investigators here who God has put in my care. After the mission conference we started divisions with Cerinal an area close by, Elder Ruiz from Panama came here with me. This was my first time staying in my area for divisions. Things went really well, we had some highs and some lows, people really look up to us here as missionaries, we visited a widowed lady who's family all lives in the United States now. So she feels very alone, but we shared John 16:33 with her, that in this world sad things happen to us but we don't need to get down because of those things, we can find peace and hope in Christ because he died for us, and through him we can be saved and one day be with our families again. We brightened her day. I love sweet old ladies. Saturday was a pretty hard day for me, I was pretty down. It was a day where nobody wanted to listen, usually that doesn't get to me but that day it did. But in the night time we had a family home evening with the president, his wife, the relief society president and the young men's president in the house of one of our investigators. It went really well we talked about the blessings we have received and miracles we have seen in the gospel. This family has potential!! It's a family of 12!! They’re huge! Sunday was another sad day, we called that family of 12 to make sure they were up and ready for church and it turns out they moved in the night time. Super random I know but they've had a lot of problems and it was best to move and everything worked out so they could move that night so they took advantage and moved at like 3 am but they ended up moving to my old area!! San Jose Pinula so I will pass the reference on to the elders there and they will be baptized I am sure of it!! Well my comp has been super sick as of late, the cold really makes him sick, so Sunday he spent like all day in bed, I did some studying in the Book of Mormon, I’m now in Alma 7 which I love!! It talks about The Savior and his atoning sacrifice and why it was necessary and this was before he even came here to the earth. I love it!! Also studied the Liahona from this month. I loved the article called 'reverence for God is the beginning of wisdom'. By elder Neil L. Anderson. Read it, it’s great!! I have been reflecting a lot on these last months I have and how I want to end my mission (not in a baggy or trunks way) but how I want to push myself and become even better. On the divisions it helped me see that even though we are seasoned missionaries we can always be improving, every day is a new opportunity to grow. Quoting from the Liahona from this month in the Article about president Snow, at the end it says "each last day or each last week should be the best that we have ever experienced, that is, we should advance ourselves a little each day, in knowledge and wisdom, and in the ability to accomplish good." I love it! Put this into practice and step it up! Make your life worth living. I know that we all have more that we can give to this life, do let’s do it lets step it up!! I love you all this church is true and amazing! Don't settle always be in the up rise. Have a great week!!

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