Monday, January 7, 2013

Still Can't Believe I'm In Guatemala!!!

Um hi, I’m in Guatemala! What am I doing here? I ask myself that question at least once a week, usually after doing something that used to be not normal, like when I rode on a bus literally jammed packed to its capacity or sometimes when I am speaking Spanish…I am thinking “What are you doing?!” It still freaks me out that I’m speaking a completely different language…my mind can’t wrap itself around it. That there are other languages and that I can understand it! It boggles my mind. Also the fact that ducks and chickens are everywhere that is second nature now! So now this week…it was jammed packed week that flew by! But I don’t understand how cause so much happened! Monday, Happy New Years!!! It honestly didn't feel like a new year. It was a normal day and night, went to bed, but at midnight woke up by the fireworks. So we went up to the roof to watch them. It is breath taking experience to see the whole town celebrating and lighting off fireworks. I need to sit down and analyze 2012 and also what I want out of 2013, but there is not time! So Tuesday we changed houses, we figured it was a good day cause it is when everyone is still drunk or hung over so not really capable of listening to us, (even though the drunks are our #1 customers in the streets) but only when they are drunk. When they are sober they don’t want to know a thing! So I am so sick of moving things! Monday we helped our new land lord clean out all of her stuff so we could move in. Then Tuesday we moved and ugh…how tiring!!! But the new house is great! It is so much better and we feel at home now. Wednesday we had a zone counsel, which is a monthly meeting held with President, the assistants and all the zone leaders. We talk about our goals, what we can change, problems we are having and just the mission in general. It was a really cool meeting. Guess what? Elder Christofferson is going to come to the mission! But guess what…only the missionaries inside the capital can go…ya bummer, but we are going to find a way to go! IDK how but we will. So Wednesday we got back to our area in the afternoon and we both are dead tired from moving and traveling but we went out to work and had one of our best days of work so far here in Barberena! We are seeing miracles here and the Lord is willing to help us, we just have to put our part in also. So Thursday, we had a zone meeting with the whole zone to inform them on the new announcements and also to train them a little more about the vision of the mission. My companion gave the announcements and I gave the training. Right now we are focusing on having family home evenings with investigators in the members’ homes. What would you guys do if the missionaries came to your house and invited you to go out with them and invite your non-member friends to a FHE in your house? Cause that’s exactly what we are doing! But there is more to it than that, we are also helping them and training them on how to do it, and getting members stoked to do it, and fill them up with faith and courage. It seems to be working for the most part! So after the zone meeting we did divisions and I went to an area called Taxisco, basically it is one of the farthest away areas in the mission, 2 ½ hours from our area and 3 buses to get there, but on the bus to Chicquimulla I sat next to Elder Gardner and basically gave him the low down on St. George! And I got to know him a little more. He is a cool kid! He also said that you guys had the Gardner’s over for dinner? You never told me that? So divisions with Elder Mejia went well! It was fun to be with him again. I gave him some cologne for his birthday which was on the first. It is pretty hot in that area! But I seemed used to it which is from being 1 year in Zacapa. So lately this last week we have been focusing on families, teaching and testifying of families. I love it. The people don’t realize what blessings we bring if they take heed to our message! Families are destroyed here in Guatemala. Single mothers or fathers, or the Dads are drunk and abusive. The mothers are abusive and work horses. The kids don’t have etiquette or manners, but if they would just accept the gospel it would be a complete change for them. I love showing people our family photo from Alex’s wedding, everyone ALWAYS comments on how beautiful Alex is. How me and Cameron are twins and how happy our family is and it’s true! I love it! I am so grateful for our family and that I have 2 loving parents and 2 siblings. I feel we have grown closer since I've been on the mission and I love it. I love you guys! And I am so grateful for you guys, thank you so much for teaching the ways of the Lord. This is truly the only way back to God, through family! I love it. OK well…I love you all take care and have a great week.

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