Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Week's Are Just Ticking Away!!!

Another week has come and gone, what did you do with the time God gave you? Did you take advantage of it or did you waste it? Something to think about huh? Well time is flying by, I always say that but really I can't seem to hold onto to it! It just passes by too fast. But this was a great week! Tuesday divisions with cerinal again, I stayed in my area with elder Ruiz from panama. I think I have mentioned before he is a great missionary. We had a great day worked super hard, I know that means nothing to you guys, and it is expected that we work hard, but we worked harder than normal!! Tore this area apart. Here in this area we have had to drop most of our investigators so we are in the process of finding new ones. Thursday we had our zone Conference in Cuilapa. It went very well!! I directed it. President is such a smart guy! He is truly inspired cause everything he presented to us makes sense! After looking back on it you just want to say duh!! Why weren’t we doing that before! Also our little workshop went well also, idk what you would call that here it is called a taller that we give but it could be called lesson, message or workshop I think fits best. But it went really well, I was nervous for it but everything turned out great. After we started divisions with Jalpatagua, I stayed in my area with elder Delgado from Arizona. We also had a great time! Worked super hard and found some new investigators which is like rare here, found some new ones and also we went out with a member to get to know some less actives to also start working with, because here there are a ton! The branch is going to start supporting us and also work with us to get this branch up to its potential and then into a ward! Because there is potential here the members just need a little push in the right direction. So while in division's he saw a Michael Jordan jersey that I had bought in Teculutan for 5 Q's which is like 60 cents. Well he offered me 300 Q's for it; turns out he is a hard core basketball player and jersey collector so I easily accepted the deal We went to Jalpatagua to switch comps, which is like 20 minutes from Salvador!! I love traveling and seeing the naturaleza (is that English or Spanish? I can't remember!) But I love seeing all the outdoors, cause Guatemala has so many different sub climates! Within 20 minutes you can be in what seems like a different world! I love it. On the way out we stopped by a place called Oratorio to do a house inspection, that area is super small!! Just like 3 blocks on the main highway. And from there we finally returned home to barberena. This was a week full of success; we have found a lot of new investigators with a whole lot of potential. Everything is going great!! One week left before the changes. We are thinking my comp will have changes but could be that he stays it could go either way! Hey if it’s not too late could you possibly send a tube of crest all around protection toothpaste with the Gardner’s if they are still coming down to pick up their son? I will be there in the change meeting (We always have to be there, regardless if we have changes) Also put an appointment with the dentist for when I come home... They are starting to bother me occasionally. Too much soda... But people are always offering us soda!! I swear I have drunk more soda in these two years then the 19 years before put together. It's because it is so cheap here and a custom to always give the guests something to drink so they give us soda. Also it is safer to drink because the water here is super dirty so it is just better to go with the soda. I love this church, I love it out here and everything I am learning... it’s not easy it is hard not gonna lie, but I can see in every circumstance how I have learned from things, whether I did the right thing or screwed up, either way I learned from it. I have been doing a lot of reflection lately and will continue to do some more, I love life, life is good right now, I am ready to push myself for these last 4 months, we always say that but I am going to try to do it, try to always be progressing. This church is true; I know it with all my heart. I can notice a difference lately I am trying to be more sincere in the lessons and focus on the people more and ask better questions, questions to get to know what they want out of life, or questions to get to know what’s on the inside I love it, I love my Salvador, Jesucristo, and what he did for me, I love studying the book of Mormon and the atonement. I love you all have a great week. PS just a chapin breakfast or dinner! I would die for this plate! Beans, eggs, platanos and cream I live for this meal! And I’m not being sarcastic!!!

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  1. So happy to see how Elder Call is LOVING his mission - he is awesome!!