Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Came Out Victorious!!!

Umm HI!!! IM BACK - quote from Independence Day So I am going to be an uncle!!! I am going to spoil the snot out of that little runt! It better be a boy! You guys should name him Chad, or Chandler, or Chandley. So with the Gardner's they will have to see missionaries at some point to pick up their son and they can give the things to the other missionaries and they can make sure it gets to me. Changes are tomorrow! And my comp is outta here! Hopefully he trains to really give him a last push as he is ending! And so obviously that means that I am receiving a new comp! ... It’s always a little nerve wracking.... So this week was a great one it felt long but also super amazingly fast at the same time. We did divisions and I went to a place called Pueblo Nuevo Viña, it is literally on the mountain side. It is a small little area, and the branch has like 40 attending. I went with Elder Knutson from Washington State. And it turns out I had actually already met him!! He has the same time as Chase because when I went to go visit the CCM with Elder Arce when I had about 6 months, he was there and we had talked, but we didn't make the connection until just barely! It's a crazy small world! The divisions went great, I learned a ton, and got a new direction to end my mission in. They were great couple days; we did some serious talking and reflection. He is a cool guy, super obedient and super stoked to be out here. I look up to him and respect him. The divisions really gave me a new mind set and purpose for these last four months. Basically the beginning of the week was some challenging couple days, but the divisions truly helped me, I CAME OUT VICTORIOUS! it really was like a change in my mission for this last little bit, I put it in the Lords hands and he totally confirmed that these things were right, I am heading in the right direction and that there is so much more left for me, basically I love receiving answers through feelings, I love this church and I know that God is aware of us. So while there we saw 2 drunks fighting, and it got to the point where one pulled out his machete and used it as a sword!! He literally tried to slice up the other guy, but the other one was smart and ran (he was drunk but not stupid) but ya he pulled out his machete! All in all it was a fun time! However something did happen that made me super sad, a mother of 2 recent converts talked to us and basically pleading for our help in her family, her husband is addicted to drugs and she financially supports the whole family, but because she has to work so hard she is never home. Only he is home with the kids and they love him and she doesn't want to kick him out for that reason, but pleaded with us to help them, she isn't a member but she said she looks forward to the day that they are missionaries and she has even started saving for them to go. It was sad to hear her plea and she how much it was hurting her. While there we found a super cool family, that has a lot of potential, it's a family of 8! Mom dad and six children, we only talked with the parents and the two oldest children. Just really focusing ourselves in the families and asking inspired questions to get to know them and to help them see that our message is for them and will bless them! The spirit was there it was a great first lesson!!! So our house is now flea invested! Pueblo Nuevo Viña has so many fleas there and when we did divisions the elder brought them down from there to our house, and I’m sure I probably brought some down too. But oh man! I’ve never had them this badly! But don’t worry we are going to do some heavy duty cleaning and spray the whole house and beds! WE ARE AT WAR BUT WE ARE GOING TO COME THROUGH VICTORIOUS Well as far as Barberena, the branch is suffering right now, just going through a lot of problems. If you could send some extra prayers this way that would be great!! It's frustrating sometimes!! But we are working hard trying to rescue the branch and get the wheels rolling again. We are visiting tons of inactive families and we have a lot of potentials that are investigating the church right now. We also have made a couple plans to have activities to help the branch I'll let you know how those go! So I ate cow stomach yesterday! It was ... Interesting, I hope I don't have to eat it again, it smelled so bad!! And had a super weird texture that freaked me out but the flavor was alright. Didn't taste too bad. All in all it was a good week; the week before changes is always a little long because one is thinking about the changes. But this week was very dramatic emotionally super highs and super lows, but everything is amazing! It was a great week, and this next one is going to be even better!! We have tons of plans to work with the members here to rescue the branch and also to help our investigators!! I love you all so much and can’t believe I’m gonna be an uncle! WHO KNEW! Bahaha Elder Call

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