Thursday, February 14, 2013

Where To Begin...Another Week, Another Adventure!

This week was so jammed packed with things and oh man!! I couldn't begin to explain even a little bit if I wanted too. But uh I’ll try.... Monday we had a family home evening to end the night, it went really well we ate broccoli, mushrooms and chicken, it was so good! But like United States good! But boy did I regret it though, I woke up at three with the worst diarrhea that I've ever had, and then started the stomach pains. Oh man it was horrible all morning with that, and as I told you last week elder Rios had changes. So Tuesday was the change meeting, we left at 7 even though I was super sick; I was praying I would at least make it to the chapel. Well there was major traffic so what is an hour journey turned into a two hour journey, I only made it to the capital, and I threw up everywhere! (out the bus window don't worry) but oh man it was horrible, and well let's just say some activity happened down on the other end also. I won't say what cause I'm still way too embarrassed to admit it bahaha. But the whole change meeting I felt so sick! That was by far one of my top 3 worst days of the mission. But Looking back I don't know how I did it because I was running around getting the zone set and ready for the change (sending them off to their new areas, Packages, reimbursements,) I had to run it all cause my new comp is a new zone leader so I was showing him what we had to do. But it went great. Everything turned out good. So my new comp his name is Elder Garmendia from...... Honduras!! Bahaha oh man yep that's right 5 comps from Honduras, but he is a cool guy. Only has 11 month in the mission though, which is good he is so stoked and motivated to be out here. He has a greenie's attitude but knowledge and experience of a veteran. So we are doing work. So after the change meeting we had a zone leader meeting. President has raised the bar in the mission. The lord is pressuring his work, and we need to be better, one third of the mission has only 7 weeks or less! That is crazy we are at our largest number ever in the mission! So we talked a lot about the bar being raised and the new direction and vision of the mission. Well if you thought I had lost myself in the work before, now I have disappeared!! Bahaha just kidding butt really we are working so hard, harder then I think I ever have before. But not just working hard we are working efficiently which I think will make all the difference. I sure hope so because this area and branch is really really struggling. In missionary work it is very hard to work and retain our work if the branch is bad or struggling itself. So we planned a missionary activity, a week of rescuing. We are going to get everyone on the same page and then go out and do visits with each organization, and just talk to them see what's going on and how we can help. Hopefully we can all pull together and really change things up here. So far things are looking better, we worked super hard this week visiting a lot of in actives and also trying to do our normal missionary work. And it paid off, we had 7 investigators in the sacrament meeting and 9 in actives there, basically doubled the attendance. But it was exhausting! So random thought, Thursday we were teaching in the middle of a turkey farm!! Literally they had 15 turkeys loose running around in between our legs and out in the open, it was so crazy reminded me of my days in San Jorge. Turkeys are super ugly I've noticed idk if you guys have ever seen one up close but their neck and beak are gross! But it was cool they are also very beautiful when they open up their feathers and start 'dancing' (their whole body starts vibrating and shakes the feathers) it was pretty sweet. Can't wait to think back and reflect on that moment next thanksgiving!! So Friday we had a zone meeting. So the zone could get to know one another and also so we could give a little training based on the needs of the zone. Right now I feel like the needs of the zone is that they have let their guard down. We aren't pushing or dedicating ourselves as hard as we could. We have fallen into a routine and aren't keeping things new and fresh. So with that in mind and with president raising the bar of the mission I taught about our missionary calling and our setting apart. What I did was I photo copied our mission call that came in the mail from the Prophet, and gave a copy to each missionary, then we read over that and focused in on what the prophet expects of us, and also read in the handbook a quote that says something like " When you accepted your call you promised to live by these standards. You are accountable to the Lord and to the Leaders of the church for how well you honor this promise. Always keep in mind the importance of your calling. Strive constantly to magnify it...” then I gave a minute for everyone to think and reflect. I also talked about our setting apart and how we are literally set apart from the world and we will receive the promised blessings only when we live according to our calling and setting apart. I think it helped; I then challenged everyone to rededicate themselves to their mission and to raise the bar in their personal lives also. I think it went well, at least it got everyone thinking, and that is what I wanted is to get everyone reflecting. My comp then talked about Jacob 5 and the Lord of the Vineyard and how we are in the ultimate hour, he also did a really good job. This Tuesday and Wednesday it appears to be the national carnival of Guatemala. Not too sure what that means, because they didn’t do this last year in Teculutan! But here it appears to be a big deal, it’s like Halloween and Easter mixed. but it’s a lot like the Halloween in the states everyone dresses up, but then they throw egg shells full of flour, paper, cement dust or just about anything in them, I’m a Little nervous cause Guatemala is crazy and this town is crazy but we will be careful and be safe don’t worry ! Elder Martino the area president is doing a temple tour this next week. Mission conferences and he is also going to have a meeting with all the zone leaders. Should go well, I’ll let you know more once we know more! Umm so the days are flying by! It is crazy how fast they are going. I feel like they are going even faster, my mind is about to explode from everything! So much planning for the area, zone, branch and investigators physically mentally and emotionally we are working pushing ourselves even harder. It is exhausting, but it is good though it's going to be a great change. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

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  1. I really enjoyed this letter - what a great motivation to read their calls and ask them to REMEMBER being set apart from the world to do the Lord's work. Awesome!!

    So sorry about the bus episode. GAG!!

    I LOVE how dedicated to the work he is!!