Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Crazy Week As Always!

Crazy week as always. We got robbed a p day because we were stressing about the conference Tuesday the next day. We also got robbed 2 other days for conferences and meetings so it was a hard week to focus ourselves in our area, basically we got robbed a lot but we still did work! Lemme tell you about it. The meeting Tuesday had us pretty busy and stressed out, but we got everything set and ready to go. And the actual conference went smoothly. There were 2 zones there 48 missionaries but everything fell on us cause it was in our zone. But we got everything figured out and going. In the conference I learned a ton....mainly about how to work with the members better. They are really putting the focus in hat in working better with the members and it really makes sense, the members strengthen their testimonies and the investigators have friends and support to help them. Also talked about how the mission is to prepare us for life and not just for these two years. It was a really good conference! So he also gave us a stat about missionaries, he said just in central America 4 years ago there were 2100 missionaries serving. And by next year that number will grow to 4000 next year! That's basically doubling it! He also talked about the new mission they are going to open here in Guatemala, Honduras, and Salvador. 3 new missions!! I love that the work here is growing and the lord is pressuring it! It needs to go forth swiftly and promptly. Big things are happening here and I'm a part of it! After the conference we were exhausted ready for p day! But that wouldn't be possible until well... Today, Wednesday was our first normal day for working, we went out and tried to recuperate the 2 days we had lost, worked hard and saw success and then in the night time we ate cow brain. They made them in tacos and it really wasn't that bad, it tasted like chicken and with all the other ingredients couldn't really taste it. But still cow brain! Thursday we lost the whole day and couldn't work because we had to go to the capital and have a zone leader counsel with elder Martino. It was intense, he gave us what we call chicote or cincho, he drilled into us but with love and it was a really good meeting. The whole purpose of these conferences was to change the vision of the mission, and change the way we do things. Right now we are a little low on the faith and so he came to get our faith higher as a mission as to the things we can do! We have raised the Bar and he was very direct, the mission isn't going to change if the zone leaders don't set the example and change. It put a lot of pressure on us, but it will be good we are stoked to help the zone. We are determined that every area in our zone can baptize in March. In Feb. we had only 6 baptisms. But we put the goal to have 18 and it's so possible!! But we have our work cut out for us. In our area and also to motivate and help the zone. So as far as an update in the zone things have gone a little down, they switched 4 branches from branches down to basic units. I didn't even know there was something lower than a branch but there is. And it's called a basic unit, there just hasn't been progress in those areas and so they bumped them down. And that kinda affected the stoked ness of the missionaries, brought them down a little too but I think the conference helped get their attitude up and also we are going to help them along with the zone! As far as the area goes we are working hard, the hardest we have ever worked! Every night I am pooped ready for bed. The branch is still struggling we have gotten the assistance up from 46 to 81 yesterday! We are working hard but if the branch isn't good, set, or unified it's not going to ever progress! So we are trying to find the way to help the leaders here but we are still looking for the way to do things. It is just one problem after another with them, but we are helping them, I realize it’s not going to be an instant change but it will require time and patience but I don’t have patience I want the things to change now! Read “dear are the sheep that have wandered” by elder James e Faust it’s good! So there is a family that sent their son off to the CCM last Wednesday, and they invited us over to eat, but they are not doing too well! They are so sad! Were you guys sad once I left? Obviously you were sad and obviously they are going to be sad but they are really sad! So we tried to cheer them up and help them out. IT made me think of when I entered the MTC everything that we went through it was like an emotional train from nervous to excited to sad it was so crazy! I felt like I relived a little bit of that while I was with them during these last 2 weeks. Well a whole lot happened this week but too much to write about I usually have a story or experience but nothing this week! Just know I love you guys and that the lord is blessing us out here in our area and it Guatemala. I know this church is true it’s amazing! Sometimes we get as discouraged as missionaries and we forget the good things that happen and then the good things or tender mercies or the miracles happen and we forget all the bad things that happened! And everything was worth it. I love you all have a great week! Elder Call

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