Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Great, Long Mother's Day Phone Call

Happy mother’s day mom, I received a rose yesterday in church for you!!

Well yesterday calling was fun...however not going to lie it did put me very trunky! It is weird to think I will be home in 4 weeks!! I can’t believe it and it is a flood of emotions! Happy and sad... but it is just another step in life....

OK so this week was spent in divisions...something that President Stay is focusing on is rescuing the missionaries, it isn’t very effective to call them and see what is going on and how can we help he is now interested that we GO and rescue them. So this week we started that, I went to an area called Primero de Julio, with Elder Pineda from Honduras. Now he is a big guy...literally HUGE...their area is struggling a little. The divisions went well, what we focused on is getting the members out to go contact their neighbors, we went to 5 different families and got them to all go out with us, and with some they presented us to 3 or 4 of their neighbors!! It was a good division.

Then Thursday, an area needed an interview, so....divisions again...we just went home to shower change and then on the road again, this time I went to an area called Tierra Nueva, the person that is going to get baptized her brother got emergency surgery so she won’t be baptized until next week. While there we took 2 families out to contact their neighbors.

Friday in the morning we went out running! And I almost died... I am still sore... me and my comp (mainly my comp) are starting diets, and we are going to exercise more. Today we started, we talked to our commodore and she gave us fruit and cereal instead of eggs and beans with TONS of oil... so we shall see what happens.

Sunday we had a baptism!! Before church, at 7 in the morning... but in the stake center so we had to wake up super early to get there on time, it went well there is the photo. Those are the 4 missionaries here in this ward, and the bishop and elders president.

Well I’m sorry this letter is kinda short...but have a great week! Take some photos of Preston’s wedding and send them to me next week... it was so nice to talk to you guys yesterday, and I am so excited to be back with you guys! I will work hard these last 4 weeks, and be a good example to the zone. I love it out here but am happy to be with you guys again!!! I know this Gospel is true, it is for everyone!! And will help out anyone in any circumstance that is the unfailing thing that I have seen throughout my mission time and time again that God will always bless us when we obey his commandments, and the Gospel is the solution to everything. Put our trust in him, have faith and then move forward!! I love you all have a great week!!!!!!!!!

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