Monday, May 20, 2013

Hate Sunday's and Monday's Cause I'm Starting To Think Of Home Way Too Much!!!

Oh man.....
Well this week was a great one!! To be honest I didn’t plan what I was going to write today so it probably won’t be too long... but Tuesday we had our annual interview with president stay... it was so chill! We just talked, he didn’t say anything he had planned we just talked.... shared some great experiences with me and some great stories, he is such a great man!!!

Something I have mentioned before that we are really focusing on is going out and contacting with the members, we share a small message and then go out and contact their neighbors, some say no but most are down for it and we go out and contact their neighbors and invite them to a family home evening. I’ve asked before but would you do that? I truly admire the members here for the work that they are doing and helping us out build the kingdom of God here on the earth... however the thing that does get me is when they say no they are catholic.... well if they were Mormons then we wouldn’t have to baptize them! WE ARE HERE TO BAPTIZE THE CATHOLICS!! I got a hoot out of it...

Besides that nothing is coming to my mind...I am so sorry but today just isn’t my day for writing, we are working hard finishing strong...something I have started again is trying to notice the hand of God in my life... every night I reflect on the day and try to see how his hand blessed my life that day... it really makes me see how much he continues to bless me, and it is something I want to continue doing after my mission, it really changes my perspective of that day and I notice things that I didn’t notice or see in the moment.

As a missionary I feel I have taken something’s for granted, things that only missionaries do or can experience so I have been trying to notice the significance of those events and record them and cherish them.

I love this gospel I love being a missionary, I feel torn between two worlds being at the end of my mission....but that’s life it happens and I am going to make the most of it and live it up! These last 3 weeks. I’m so sorry we don’t have a lot of time because today I have my last interview with president stay!!! I’ll let you know how that goes!!!

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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