Monday, May 27, 2013

His Last Interview With President Stay

You didn’t think that I would work up until my last day!? But I’m still going strong... bahaha ¡¡¡ les cuento!!!! I will make up from last week with this letter :)

So first off sorry I didn’t write a lot last week... 1. I didn’t feel like writing and 2. We didn’t have a lot of time because of my LAST INTERVIEW!!! Crazy I have reached this point of my mission but I have to accept it whether I like it or not! It went very well, we talked a lot about after the mission... bahaha go figure. No but about staying active, getting good grades, getting married and a whole bunch of other things that I will face after the mission. Basically President Stay is inspired and such a great guy, I love him!

Tuesday we did divisions with an area called Nueva Florida 2. (The areas here are super close!!!) It would be like neighborhoods in Utah like The Boulders and St. James (only that there are 10 times the amount of houses!!) it’s nothing like outside the capital, 2 and a half hours in bus to get to an area... but any who divisions... I went with an elder from Peru, he is fairly new, only has 4 months in the mission, I love his attitude, and he is a great missionary. The Lord blessed us this day; everything literally turned out amazing and went our way. I was able to show him how to go out and contact with the members cause sometimes they don’t want too, we did three which is something we have never done here! And all 3 were successful! Also all our lessons were with members, basically the Lord blessed us that day and they were great divisions, he was able to learn and set goals for his area, and I also learned a ton from him.

The next day we gave service helping out a family plant some corn... in three weeks when I am back in the states I can say a month ago I was a farmer planting corn!! It was hard not gonna lie, we had to dig some super deep holes and the family was really poor and didn’t have the tools to do it! They had a pick, so we opened up the holes with the pock, then to scoop out the dirt we used a sausage can, it worked but was tiring and took forever!

Thursday I had my first and last correlation with President Stay, our Stake President and Sister Stay. It is something we do every month as Zone Leaders here. It was fun, at first I was nervous but after I relaxed and enjoyed seeing how two adults interacted and we also participated giving ideas and trying to change the things here for next month... always improving :) … Basically it is to put the stake and the mission on the same page with missionary work.

So we officially entered the rainy season... it rained Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday... and I think the mission is trying to get its revenge on me for dodging the rainy season both years cause I got wet, soaked, drenched those days!!! One day I forgot my umbrella and that day it rained the hardest, longest and all our appointments fell that night... a good three hours walking around under the rain.

So with the rainy season something marvelous happens... zompopos come out... they are giant flying ants, they have their nests in the coast by the beach and the 3rd day after the first big rain storm they come out and start flying all over the country.

Well as they are flying their wings fall off and they fall to the ground and start walking. (Have you heard the phrase it’s raining cats and dogs?... well it’s similar only that it’s raining ants.) Well long story short the people eat them... they eat them raw, they eat them deep fried with lime and salt, or boiled with porkrines. And you better believe I tried one... I didn’t like it because it was under cooked and super gooey! And I ate it whole and supposedly you need to take the head off, but it was crazy! It tastes like popcorn!!

Saturday we went to the temple!! Cause the converts from Barberena came to do baptisms for the dead for the first time... so we went to go see them! The plan was to enter and help out but the temple was super behind schedule so we just chilled with them out front and then came back to our area. We are in the complete opposite side of the capital from the temple. It was good to see Diego he is doing super good and still wants to go on a mission!! One of my best converts, he is so smart and super receptive to the spirit, he is great!!!

So Saturday in the afternoon was another miracle day (we are seeing so many lately!!). The first lesson was a contact with a member (where we go out with them to contact their neighbors). Basically long story short she said God sent us cause she had been praying to switch Church's and she didn't know which one she should switch too. Also the Church has crossed her life several times before, and every time it has crossed she has loved it, almost her whole family are members in Zacapa and Boston. So we talked about how God works and how it is time to come home to where she belongs. It was super powerful! Then after we went with the same member to a different neighbor, one that we had talked too before and they told us to come back Saturday. Another powerful lesson, lots of great questions of the soul, and they also attended the church before in Nicaragua years ago, but they want to come back and be baptized this time. Just two super powerful lessons. That night everything went our way, it was one of those times when you just feel so in tune to God and his plan, and he just pours out his blessings. I didn't want the night to end, just blessing after blessing.

Sunday we helped a sister move with the bishop... (That sounds WAY too normal and calm for Guatemala right?) so here is the curve ball.... it was down pouring the whole time and we were all in suits... ya we got SOAKED and dirty but it was fun, I love giving service!! That is something I want to always do!! I don't want to let that go once I get back home, I love it!!

So I can’t believe it is all coming to an end! But I’m still going strong! We have divisions planned for this week, I'm going to see how much more damage I can do to Satan's plan!!! I know this Church is true! If not I wouldn't be out here!! GOD IS GOOD. I love life right now, I couldn't be happier! I love you all!!

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