Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! America has the best holiday; kids get to dress up and go get free candy! What could be better? And you America are getting even smarter with the trunk or treat where you all meet in the parking lot and trick or treat out of the car! Everyone in the same area! We can be lazier and get more candy! Guatemala got cheated all they do are decorate the graves here haha! I love Merrika!!! (America with a redneck accent) but here the holiday is Nov. 1st and 2nd. The 1st is for the graves of the kids, and the 2nd is for everyone else.

So to answer some of your questions Christmas list?!!? Mom I gave that to you last time you asked for it!! You better have not sent those things in this package that was for Christmas!! And I will be straight up honest right now; there isn’t really anything I need! Or want! I am perfectly content here. I can find whatever I need here! I bought like 7 pairs of garment at the temple so I don’t need garments or white shirts or’s only been 5 months! So everything is holding up pretty good still. However socks if you want, not the wool ones I’m allergic to those they give my legs a rash or heat irritation or something, but the other thicker ones from Christensen’s I think we got them, just like 3 or 6 more.

About the Christmas call.... haha mom you’re so funny!!! Such a worrier that’s like forever away!! but what will happen I think is 2 or 3 days before I will call you guys and you will need to call that number on Christmas at a time I will tell you when I call you. The rule is we can only call for 45 or 1 hour but its Christmas so I will talk for as long as is needed!!! Haha just kidding, but really... but what number should I call the house or cell? Tell chase I can’t attend the temple because it’s in a different mission. And that was awesome Paco wrote!! I will def send him a quick email. And I will send the memory card probably this next week all depends on changes!!! Which the call comes tonight!!  I could be leaving receive a new comp and a new area or stay in my area and receive a new comp or stay here with Arce for another change anything is possible!!!

So about this week... this week was national service week I swear!! I think I spent more time in my service clothes then in my missionary clothes!!! haha just kidding but really. So dad that news article about the new stoves that save wood here in Guatemala hasn’t hit San Jorge yet! Because Wednesday we helped some kids in the rama bring wood for their stove or to cook with. And holy crap that was hard!!! Basically we hiked for 30 minutes in the straight up jungle and then we chopped down some trees with these machetes and then we had to carry it back. obv. I’m leaving out a whole lot of details we don’t have much time, but imagine this, me white boy in straight up jungle with a bunch of sticks on my back and get this the best part.... we carried it with our heads!! So the wood is on our back but the rope is around your forehead, it was hard I won’t lie, the people here work so hard! I was dying after.

Thursday the day after we cut down trees I was painting trees!! So I guess it’s a tradition to paint trees here, and our commodore where we eat food, she is had a party Saturday so we helped her just prepare for all that, one we painted the trees!! it was fun for the first two but after the 19th we were done, 19 trees!!!!!! Then that night we had a talent show in the branch, I played the piano (ya imagine that!!!) I played there is a green hill far away and Elder Arce and a girl in the branch sang in English Spanish and Portuguese. It was pretty good!

I learned a good lesson about patience, Sunday we had a fireside but hence we are in Guatemala so we did it Guatemalan style, WITH FIRE!!! Haha I love fire! but we have been planning this for like a month and really wanted it to go well and affect the kids here, so we decided to talk about David an Goliath, and how we need to have the armor of god and resist temptation but just everything didn’t go as planned they were not into it and it was just hard, but after we had marshmallows with the fire it was super chill, I loved it!!

Haha well this letter is lame sorry! But we are going to go to the fair right now for Halloween!!! Haha well just know that I love you guys!! Really I do....but really I love you!!!!

Elder Call

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