Monday, October 10, 2011

Starting To Settle In!

Ha-ha shoot! well where to start?  I feel like not too much happened this week and things are finally starting to settle in. Well obviously there are always random crazy stuff happening but more the most part I think I have the mission life down. Today is once again a lazy p day! ha-ha we are sure lazy not wanting to play soccer. But ya. we had interviews with President this week in Zacapa Friday. He is a man! really he is so amazing I love him and Hermana Stay. This week a less active offered me her cell phone because she had 30 minutes free to the USA, but only that day, and she had no one to call there so offered it to me to call you guys. ha-ha it was tempting for about 2 seconds but then we explained nope we can only call twice a year (btw I am stoked for!!!). I haven’t gotten your package yet, I’m sure it’s in the office, but mail only gets brought out here once or twice every 6 weeks, and I got some letters and dear elders on Sept 27th so I think I will have to wait for next transfers which are Nov 2nd but that makes mail all the better!!! oh btw letters are amazing! and I will even write back!! I get them every 6 weeks so it might be a little but still :)
so I tried uploading with Picasa and you can only use one Google account at a time, so I can’t email and upload, and I tried uploading but couldn’t get it to work. I think it is the computer. (I promise I’m not an idiot) I hit the upload button and nothing happened. I think I will send my memory card home with all my pictures. I can get it tracked also so it won’t get lost. Mom, should I use those flea collars or throw them away? I don’t have fleas here but in my next area maybe. Because a couple emails ago you said they are harmful or something?

So I was a little off with my scripture form last week about adversity, it was D & C 122: 7 about Joseph in Jail and complaining and what the Lord said. He said that all our trials and bad experiences are for our benefit.

Well this week was probably the hardest one of my mission yet, but there wasn’t just one thing that made it hard, fasting for 24 hours I tried without water (here because of the heat we can drink water) I cracked, I only drank about 250 ml. But fasting always gets me. I was in a bad mood, and the infection added to it, it’s hot, I’m tired, there are bugs everywhere and our investigators aren’t really progressing so I was really down this week.  But then I thought it’s pointless to be discouraged and down. I want to share a quote from Elder Holland about when times are tough. This is him teaching what a great swimmer said when asked his secret of success. ¨I kick when I don’t want to kick, and I stroke when I don’t want to stroke.¨ Life is tough sometimes but pushing through the tough times make us into a better person. "You change immediately with each good thought, each good act, each good word changes you for the better."  I was studying these things and just had a change of heart and I’m stoked again to be out here! and now I’m even laughing about my infection! how funny is that (I think its hilarious!) another quote I like is “circumstances don’t make you a man they just tell you what kind of one you are.” So take your circumstances and remember things will be hard but eventually things will get better!  and if that doesn’t help look at this from a eternal prospective and the promise of eternal life if we are faithful and keep our covenants.  Well this was a way random email I didn’t really plan it before just kinda went for it! Oh and I sent you a letter last Tuesday so you should hopefully be getting it soon, I sent 6 letters! so hopefully people get them!!

well I love you guys and am always thinking of you guys!!! Hope everything is going great back home. Tell the new bishop he should send all the missionaries (or just me) a welcome package or "we are thinking of you package" just some food for thought.
Much Love Elder Call

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