Monday, October 24, 2011

Having A Blast Out Here!

First off I want you guys to know I’m having a blast out here! it’s crazy, 5 months have already gone time has seriously flew by! tell chase he looks cute in his picture. Thank you for showing me the gospel which I am so grateful for. You have been such wonderful parents. Love that is THE BEST thing you have ever done for me. I love you so much and am so grateful for everything you have done for me, I may have not always been the best child but I love you so much. and I know that you love me too.

So this week we saw some progress finally our work is starting to pay off! we had 5 scheduled baptisms for this Saturday! which is like unheard here in San Jorge, but in order for the them to happen they needed to attend church yesterday, and 2 didn’t! so those 2 fell for that date, and the other one is a 17 year old kid, he is super smart and God has truly prepared him for the Gospel, the first meeting he says I want to attend church every Sunday. First off that is rare if not unheard of especially here!! but he pulled me aside Sunday and said that he wants more time before his baptism, which is totally understandable because we have only taught him like twice. But the other 2 are members but they don’t appear as being baptized, so unless we can find their records we will baptize them again, so hey not really a baptism, but still baptisms are always fun.

I was thinking of sending a memory card home with 250 pictures on it, what do you think? I have 2 copies of them so if it got lost NBD, also I can track it and then you have to sign for it for 14Q's which is like 2 dollars, let me know.  so this week as been such a chill fun fast week! Tuesday the missionaries here in Zacapa were doing a food drive I guess you can call it, and there was huge speakers techno and a microphone, so we each got to take turns shouting into the mic I felt like Samuel the Lamanite preaching repentance on the city wall, except I was asking for food in a very bad gringo accent, the church in Zacapa is right in front of the market so it is very busy out front, it was fun techno and microphones....

oh goodness so this week we started helping this lady with exercise she had surgery 10 months ago and finally got the pins removed, they must do surgery different here because I could literally see the pins entering into her leg, it was kinda gross when she handed me the bag of the pins after her surgery, but with a huge smile on her face, she was happy to have them out, so I took the bag and then realized what I was touching and gave it back. So funny story...probably funny for me but oh well, so with the lady one morning (I was very hyper this morning) and just being stupid ol Chad, but I had a banana and I said Hermana que soy? which is Sister, what am I? then I started making monkey noises and eating the banana (I told you I was hyper) well she’s like 80 and there isn’t much going on up there in her brain anymore so she just ignored me, and my comp said in English in his thick accent... "an idiot" he thinks he is so smart.

so I didn’t really write much down to tell you guys so I don’t really have much to say, changes are next Wednesday, we will find out Monday night if we have changes or not so you guys won’t find out until the next week hahah!!!

Ok there is a talk called seek learning by faith. it is by Elder Bednar. GO READ IT!!! I printed it in the MTC but never read it, I read it today and it is so amazing!! some few points from it (but still go read it)  basically its talking about learning by faith, and how that opens up the pathway into the heart so that he spirit can bear testimony to us. Also faith has 3 principles. 1. assurance 2. evidence and 3. action. He gives the example of assurance of things hoped for looks for the future. Assurance makes it possible so we can walk up to the edge of light and take a few steps into the darkness. The combination of assurance and hope initiates action. The action to take the steps. this is in the present. Then evidence is looking back in the past and seeing the evidence of the faith that the light followed us in the darkness.  that’s not all, it talks about so much but I am out of time so go read it! I love you guys... truly I love you there is no way around it. thank you for the prays and emails letters and support. love you all!
Elder Call

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