Friday, October 21, 2011

Such A Fast Week...So Much Has Happened!!!

October 17, 2011

So not a lot happened this week, but then looking back SO MUCH HAPPENED!!! This was such a fast week, where did all the time go? So every day this week I have been on a bus either going or coming from Zacapa. After last p day we had district meeting where we decided we want to do a FHE in every area here (four different, 3 in Zacapa and then San Jorge), and also that we wanted to do divisions. So Wednesday I was in Zacapa with Elder Urmstom, he is a new missionary has 3 weeks in the field. NERVOUS? Surprisingly I wasn’t nervous, probably cause it wasn't my area so I could relax for a little. Well one thing I have realized is that the Lord has blessed me with a sense of direction, because bless his heart he doesn’t have a slightest inkling of dir3ection, we had to take his close to a members house to be washed and we spent a hour looking for it and we are lost and Zacapa is huge, and all he has is a neighborhood name and the last name of the family which was Hernandez, well everyone and their dog have that apellido, so we didn’t have success so after a hour we were lost and a good 30 minutes from the house so we decided to go back, but he had no idea how to get back, (remember this isn’t my area) so I got us back, I had a general sense of where we were. Just another adventure in Guatemala, being lost with a huge bag of clothes, we looked like Santa Claus!

The next day I returned to San Jorge the divisions went really well, he is a workhorse! Just work, work, work, I was so tired after that day we walked so much! The next day we were all in Zacapa again for a FHE, but Elder Roberts was sick so I went back to the house with him so he could rest, and I’m glad I did because the other 7 missionaries went and had the FHE but the house is like 30 minutes away, and after around 830 they couldn’t find a bus back so they had to walk the whole way in the rain!! We all spent the night in the house of one of the missionaries; imagine 9 missionaries in the same room! I got like 0 sleep that night but esta bien!  So this week we set a baptismal goal with one of our investigators for the 29th of October but in order for her to do this she had to come to church this Sunday so everything was riding on that, and she seemed so stoked and pumped! So were we! So Sunday came and we went to go get her and NADA! It was hard she was asleep or wasn’t home so that date fell through, but we will continue working with her she is ready she just doesn’t know it yet. We dropped a lot of our investigators this week which is always hard but they just don’t want to have the change in their lives yet, maybe in the future. But for the last 2 changes (3 months) we have had the goal to have the attendance of sacrament meeting 30 people, and last week we hit 29…AND this week we hit 28 so we are super close!! Ah man that is truly the Lords hand, believe me when we got here we had 16 people so almost!!!

Oh random thought tell Chase delta doesn’t make you pay if your bags are overweight so don’t stress about being 50 pounds, there was a kid who had 77 and 65 pound bags and didn’t have to pay the fee.

So a story this week there is this family (the golden family) ah! I want to baptize them they are so ready but he needs to divorce and then marry his wife right now but they have 3 girls and they are the cutest little girls! They are 8 and 4 and a 1 month baby. The 4 year old calls me gringo because she doesn’t know my name the parents get way embarrassed because they think its racist or something but I think it’s hilarious! Her accent and just everything idk I guess you have to be here.

So changes are November 2nd and I am super stoked because I will receive my package!! so I’m looking forward to that, I think my comp thinks I hate him because I am looking forward to changes (because probably one of us will change) but it’s for the package I promise.

Question... do I need to like save a white shirt for when I get off my mission? Cause I just realized that I am going to have nothing when I get back, so should I save one shirt and pants for when I’m off my mission? and the same with ties?

Alright I’m getting bored of writing and I’m sure your bored of reading (I told you nothing really happened this week) but I was reading the talk titled beware of pride by Pres. Benson. READ IT!! It is so good, it talks about how pride is the downfall of the people in the Book of Mormon and it is the down fall of many people in today’s day. Pride is the universal sin, but the antidote for it is humility, meekness and submissiveness. He talks about how God will have a humble people. Either we can choose to be humble or we can be compelled to be humble. Alma taught this in Alma 32:16. So we can choose to be humble and just love people and realize that it doesn’t matter if we have money or things of the world, we are all human beings we are all brothers and sisters from the same Heavenly Father who loves us, so why can’t we love everyone also. That means EVERYONE even the people that have done wrong to us. Let us choose to be humble. Read the talk it’s amazing.

Well I love you guys and love the letters and emails! Thank you so much for the thoughts letters and prayers. Oh also share my gratitude to Sister Jewkes for her lovely email, she truly is such an amazing person and example to all of us. Thank Julie for the email i love it she is so funny! Glad to hear everything is going great.

Peace OUT-

-Elder Call
Who is more SAD?...

I think Chad is going to be a Pig Farmer when he returns...what is his fascination with PIGS???


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