Monday, June 4, 2012

Bahaha you guys have no idea where I am!!

Bahaha you guys have no idea where I am!!! This week has felt SO LONG! Change weeks are always by far the longest week of the 6 week change. So first off let me tell you where I am, it is in the departamento called Zacapa, and the municipio called TECULUTAN, ha-ha yep that’s right!!! 6 more weeks here in good ol tecu!!! AND my brand new comp is DISTRICT LEADER ELDER LAGOS!!! Ha-ha ok let me explain for those of you that didn’t catch it, still in Teculutan with Lagos! The impossible happened and we are staying together for 6 months! And honestly I’m not even mad about it. I don’t know what happened, Uncle Jay´s letter really helped to get me remotivated and once I heard the news that I’m staying I had a complete change of attitude, I’m staying for a reason, I just need to find that reason. We are so ready to do work this change, it might be his last change he will go home early for school, he just doesn’t know when, so I will probably kill him. (Send him home) And he is the new district leader, which is also something awesome because it has changed his attitude and he now is trying to be more motivational and more obedient which is awesome! So let’s see how this change plays out.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the package! I only got the one with toothpaste and stuff so thank you so much!!!! It honestly makes me so grateful for you guys (not because of the package) but because you love me!!! And I love you!!! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family that loves and supports me out here, because there are missionaries that don’t have that, and I couldn’t imagine it out here without you guys! So thank you!

I HIT A YEAR THIS WEEK! How crazy is that! The time has flown by, and I am so stoked to see what more I can do in this year to come, I can now speak the language, and I am comfortable with the culture so this year is the time to DO WORK! So stoked to see what it brings. Hey the elder pierce that you read his blog he is now in Estansuela which is the neighboring area from us, so we are in the same district now.

Alright Tuesday we went up to Morales! First time past Gualan, we want to go up to Puerto barrios but we don’t have permission so ya, but Morales was super beautiful! I just love driving and taking in all the scenery that is here, Guatemala is honestly so beautiful once you get away from all the cities! It really is the Promised Land. So we did divisions with the ZL´s Elder Johnson and Elder Bitters, I stayed with bitters in my area and it was super chill, he got sick from the commodore’s food! (I guess my body has adjusted to how much oil she uses) (She goes through 5 or 6 bottles of the oil that we have in the house A WEEK) (We go through a bottle probably in what a year and a half?) So for the afternoon he was on bed rest and good thing because it DOWNPOURED that day. Then in the night we left and had a really good visit with some of our investigators then we ate out at a really good restaurant. One thing is that he loves to look at photos so I showed him all that I have and then our family book and he loved it! he had so many comments about how cool it was that we have done so many things and took so many photos, so good job mom with making all the memories those are the things that we will never forget, (sorry dad, I know you were always about anti memories save save save, but this time mom wins with creating the memories and trips:)

Ok well we have now started the rainy season, and yesterday we got SOAKED, literally it was as if we jumped into a pool, everything just soaked to the core, because when it rains it pours here, and we were in a village a little far away from our commodore, BUT my feet were dry! So I am so grateful for that mom thank you for getting me those shoes they are amazing! And have worked!

Now let me tell you a little about our investigators because I hardly say anything about them, there is one family that has received the missionaries before, but they never really resolved his doubts that he had, they would always say we will teach that later on or next time, and he wants his doubts resolved right then and now, so we found them contacting a while back, and we started teaching them and they are progressing further than they ever had before, we resolve his doubts right there on the spot, and sometimes it’s hard! I always look forward to teaching him to see what question he will come up with next and challenge us, it’s like a game for us, it’s fun to have someone pilas (smart) to teach and that will test our knowledge. He just lost his job though, it’s him his wife and their little son that has 2 years. So we are helping them reopen up a snack shack they had by cleaning it and just helping them with whatever they need.

Another just lost his wife in a tragic car accident at the beginning of this month, a member gave us the reference and we went and taught the plan, he loved it, and wanted to know more about the Book of Mormon, the problem with him is that he has 4 children from 6 months to 12 years, and his mother in law is helping take care of them and she is really catholic, and she says he can’t receive us, but he is still listening to us but doesn’t want to make a commitment because he really needs her support right now so we are trying to get him the faith to make a decision for himself.

I love it out here, I love bringing the message of the restoration to people, we are the hope that these people are searching for, there are a lot of rumors and stuff going around about the Mormon church and a lot of hearts are closed off, but if they will just humble themselves before God and just put our message to the test and pray to know if it is true they would realize that we have the fullness of the gospel. I love you all! And am so grateful for your love and support!!!!

Elder Call

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