Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hey Hey Hey Another Week Gone By

Its ok I won’t make a comment about dad not writing me, we can pretend that he had it off for father’s day. (HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!) Well I made some comments while reading your letter mom, I don’t know if I will do that again but let me know if you like it.

Quote of the day of the Mary Engelbrite calendar “don’t let success go to your head, and don’t let failure get to your heart” Mom and dad you guys are studs, I am happy that everything is going great for Ryan and Alex. That is one thing that I have learned here in this area is about marriage, I can see from the examples from the members and investigators that marriage is hard, your exactly right mom it requires constant nurturing and communication, if you let either of those go, the marriage starts to go downhill until you reach state of deadness, where you don’t have the desire or drive to keep the marriage alive, you need to always have that spark of love in the marriage. That is only a couple of the things I’ve learned here in the area.

Is the tent trailer hard to set up? Can it withstand storms and stuff? Send me pics and details about the inside! I’m excited to get to use it once I get back! (I can imagine dad dying after that comment)

SO this week was CRAZY! just in brief, Monday we gave a blessing and it was probably the weirdest ugliest experience, We honestly think she was possessed, I have never felt such an ugly feeling before and she could not sit still, her head was freaking out and rolling all over the place. SO I gave the anointing and after she bolted straight up, and tried to leave, but we explained we still needed to give the blessing, so elder Lagos starts with the blessing and 10 seconds into it she stands up and says "no!" no more I don’t want it anymore and stormed out. IT was definitely an experience I don’t want to relive. But the next day she was fine? Super sketchy.

Tuesday we went on divisions or changes, I stayed in my area and Elder Benitez came, he is from Paraguay! Super humble and super nice guy, we were on divisions for 2 days and they were honestly amazing, I learned a lot felt the spirit a whole bunch. Basically he is a stud.  But that first day in divisions I don’t know what happened but so many problems came to pass, our commodore had a nervous breakdown and started throwing plates, so the family called us and we came and got her to calm down, that would be one of the times that the Lord has put the words into my mouth because I don’t know where they came from.

It makes me sad, a part member family we are working with, the father who is a member, his heart is so closed off, to the church, I don’t know what happened, but he is so closed off and no matter what we do for him, it seems nothing will help. Also with the branch the branch president and the 1st counselor are both getting divorces, so that is making it super hard for the work here, because we talk about families being together forever, but then these leaders who they looked up to for so long are "failing" in this sense. It is testing a lot of people’s faith and testimony, and we are trying to help everyone including the leaders families pull through this. Those are some of the problems that we faced this week.

Alright so interviews were this week! And they couldn’t have been any better. I did the advice that Uncle Jay gave me, I fasted and prayed and then we talked openly in the interview and he gave me some great advice, I am ready to put it into practice and make this next and last year AMAZING! Holy cow I have like no time left.

But Peuto Barrios was AMAZING! It was such a long drive 3 and a half hours one way. But it felt like a whole another world! It was awesome, there are TONS of colonies of African Americans, I honestly felt like I was walking in Jamaica because of the climate, and the streets are full of water because we are in the rainy season. IT was awesome I would love to share more but there is no time! Sorry, ask me in like a year or 2.

I sent 3 photos; one is of me as of late, next to the ocean. Another is an African American! And the 3rd is McDonalds (thanks mom)

WE are going on divisions today after district meeting; I am going to Estansuela with Elder Pierce. He told me you wrote his mom? What did you say mom? Silly mom :)  

Alright well how is your reading in the Book of Mormon? I am now in 3 Nephi 12, I just finished reading about Christ coming to the Americas, one of the best in not the best stories in the Book of Mormon! Wish I could share more but NO TIME! I love you, this week flew by and was amazing, and this next one will be even better! We are seeing so many miracles. I love you all, truly I LOVE YOU ALL.

Thank you so much for everything, for all the love and support that you have given me! And will continue to give me!

Elder Call

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