Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Awkward? Who Me? Never...

Well we learned 2 great things this last week. 1. I can’t speak English and 2. I’m so awkward.

It is a good thing I don’t have you call you guys every week because that would be horrible, luckily I can still write in English though, and I get to do that every week. and 2. I couldn’t believe it, I have officially become an awkward missionary, I remember when I entered I met a missionary going home and he was horribly awkward and we all agreed that we would never become like that, but I don’t know how but it has happened! which I don’t understand because I am still really sarcastic here but the thing in the culture of Latino America is they don’t understand my sarcasm, because a lot of the people are actually like that in real life, and so it’s not different or weird, it make me laugh sometimes because hardly any one understands it.

So happy mother’s day mom! Did you guys call last night? We had a weird phone call last from a number weird. Well I was asleep; my comp said he answered them they hung up really fast. Do you know anything about that?

Mom can you pay 20 dollars in tithing for my tax return? That way I don’t have to worry about it when I get home:) (For the tax return and a little of money I received last Christmas). Also can you send me blistex, green or blue flavor, I ran out, and a couple zip lock bags sandwich size!

Thank you for sending all the info I asked for you guys are great! This last week we went to a Aldea that we have in our area that I have never visited in my 5 months of being here because it is far, but some members just moved there and asked us to come so we went and it blows my mind seriously of how many people live here in the earth. There are so many little villages like this one we went to just in our area, there are SO MANY people, just when I thought I knew all of Teculutan there is more to discover. and if that is only in Teculutan think of how many little villages there are in Guatemala, and then in central America then on a world scale, there are so many people here, I have been thinking about that a lot this last week. Then on a bigger scale, in Moses 7  it is describing Enoch and the Lord, talking about all the creations that he has made. (Our world with ALL the people there are, and then all the other worlds he has created.) It is mind boggling, I can’t describe it how I’m thinking it. But the glorious part of it all is that God knows and loves each and every one of us, we can personally communicate with him whenever we want.  He wants us to, it’s like how you guys wanted to hear my voice and make sure I am alright, that is how our Heavenly Father is, he wants to hear from us and make sure we are alright, not just when we need things but just to catch up, so are we praying? Think about if I didn’t write you guys or if you never heard from me? That’s how it is with Him! So let’s make sure we are praying and sincerely talking, this last class from George Albert Smith was about that.

Ok well sorry but got to go! I love you guys and it was so great to talk to you guys even though I can’t speak English, and am super awkward! LOVE YOU

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