Monday, May 28, 2012

Start of Hot Humid Rainy Season!!!

I am so stoked you be writing you guys! First off I can’t believe you sold the trailer! Congrats that is awesome! 
Mom are you actually going to use this little one? We used the big one for a good time but then we just stopped, but I think with this smaller one it is easier to haul around and we can do a couple just short small trips right? How many people does it fit? Send me some photos of the inside and you guys using it!!! 

We are glad you enjoyed the video of Mama Rosa, definitely need to let me know how your lesson went and we can get the photo to her don’t worry! I really hope your lesson goes well. Who are the other RS teachers that are in on the rotation with you? 

How is LF going? And dad how are your jobs going? Are you looking for others? 

I am so grateful for that letter from Uncle Jay, I think that is just what I needed so thank him again (I already did).
Just between us I think one of the reasons I have plateaued is the area, I’m sorry to say but I am so stoked to get out of this area, 6 months was a long time, I will miss the people but here the people are so closed off and the branch has serious problems! From child abuse to sexual abuse to almost half the couples getting divorced. The branch president is separating from his wife and there is just so much drama. I feel like that is why I am plateauing (that’s not all the reasons,) but that is one that is adding to it, and that is why I am stoked to leave to see what lies ahead and see what I can make with this year that I have left.  that is why it seems as if I am really excited to leave, it’s not that I didn’t love this area, because I did, and I will definitely bring you guys back to here to visit, but I feel as if I should clarify why I wanted to leave (and my comp, but that is a whole other story!). It may come off as being negative but I’m not trying to be, I’ve made the most of this area and the things that we had to work with, the family we baptized is doing great! And they have plans to go to the temple. And I have learned a ton in this area and from my comp!

I uploaded 2 videos one of the market and one of a street. AND we did end up baptizing the girl in San Jorge!! It was so great and so awesome to see everyone from san Jorge! The baptism when great and the little girl is happy, her name is chayito. Chay (like bye but with ch) and chye ee toe is how you would say it hahaha. Those are the other pictures that I added, and I am trying to upload like a fourth of the ones that I have! 
With the rainy season starting it is back to being hot, but a horrible hotness! Because it is so humid with the rain, and we have had a couple down pours, ones that create the rivers in the streets! It is insane! I love it!!!! 
So this week was district conference so we had priesthood and a general session  Saturday, which president stay attended and elder Lavage from the 70, or something like that I didn’t catch his name it sounded like garage but started with a L. President stay and Sister stay are amazing!  I love it when they come to the area or when we can talk with them, we were able to talk for a little and they are great! 

So we found an awesome family that we have begun teaching! And the dad even came to the conference Saturday which was all about families and it was so great! Based on the proclamation to the world and he really liked that. Usually it is super hard to get the men to come out the church things but with him it wasn’t the case, this family has potential I am excited to see what happens.  Sunday we went to Guastatoya for the conference and it was also about the families. It was fun to see so many members gathered for this conference it was 6 different branches from Gualan, San Jorge, estansuela, Guastatoya, Teculutan and Esquipulas. I know all the missionaries in those areas so it was also fun to see them!  

AH! So I love it out here, I am reading in the Book of Mormon am now in Alma 32, just a few observations are that I can’t believe the faith that they had! Mainly the sons of Mosiah and during that whole stage in the Book of Mormon, I love reading about their adventures that they had preaching to the lamanites, the successes and the trials, and their perseverance's that they had. well I am drawing a blank right now, don’t really have much else to say, but I promise my letters will get better, I will start telling more about the spiritual experiences and more about our investigators and the miracles I am seeing and am a part of everyday. I promise I am going to get out of this slump I am in and will push forward; I am stoked to see what this next year has in store for me. I know I am not at my potential, that I have a lot more that I can give, and I am going to push myself up to my potential. Uncle jays letter helped, I am going to try that, if you have any suggestions I will gladly take them, I am ready to make the changes necessary especially if I have changes it will be easier it is like a fresh new start! I love you all; I really do thank you so much for your support I hope everything is going well and make this next week a great one!!! Love you!
Elder Call

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