Monday, May 7, 2012


How is it going family? Mom I can’t believe you guys pulled out so many swimmers! I kinda wish I was there just to see if I could have handled it in a kayak hahaha but that sounds so crazy! Last year we only pulled out like 5 right?

This week has flown by! It was really so fast! It feels like last week we were here emailing. So wanna know a secret? I’ve worn the same pair of pants for over a month!
Gross? Probably
Awesome? Absolutely!

don’t worry I still have plenty of clothes, and they are holding up, we just have a bet going to see who could go the longest using the same pair. And I won no big deal:)

So tell nana I love her! You are up there right now! So TELL HER! So this last week I have just been full of appreciation, I don’t know why but for the people here and the culture and food! I am going to miss it, and I got a little sad, but then I thought BAHAHA silly call you still have a year left to enjoy it all. So Teculutan is very hot, and this week was no exception, in fact it was a disfection (I just made that word up, opposite of exception?) it was SO HOT, and as far as rain it is hotter and drier than ever before we haven’t had rain for over a month.

So I want to thank you all for your love and support, really it has been amazing, thank you so much I couldn’t be out here if it weren’t for all of the prayers and love and support.

Ok well I have some Guatemalan Jokes and the sad part is, is that they are so true.... ¿ how many people can you fit into a bus?........ Always one more. story about that, we were traveling to Estansuela about 40 minutes away in a taxi van, and in the US you can fit 3 in a row and it’s a little squished but it is built for that, well following the joke "always one more" a bigger lady got on and the conductor tells me 4 in a row, so we all squeeze together and we muster up about a foot of space, and she is easily 3 feet wide(the hips are always wider) (I’m saying this all with respect, she was very nice) they have such faith here, I wanted to scream "are you crazy?" but following the phrase "always one more" so let’s just say that it was not a good experience it was a very long bus ride and it was hot....

But! I love the culture here! And the opportunity we have to literally live it! I have learned so much as a missionary and am so grateful for this opportunity I have to be here and to be serving as a missionary. I have learned so much about this Gospel and have seen so many things and am beginning to see how I want to raise my family what works and more of what doesn’t work. I am reading right now our heritage, the history of the church since its beginning and it is so amazing. I am literally blown away at the willingness and sacrifices that the early pioneers made to follow the prophet and do what God wanted. It makes me so thankful to them for all that they did. And I get frustrated sometimes with the members now days who won’t even make the tiniest sacrifice to attend church. (maybe it is walk an extra 3 blocks to church, or not work on Sunday, or pay a full tithe) sometimes people don’t realize truly the great blessing we have in this gospel. And then on the other side there are people that are sacrificing almost everything to be a part of this Gospel. They gave up their family traditions to join the church, or there is a lady Mama Rosa we call her. (I attached a photo) she lives so far away from the chapel, but she attends every week, she is like 84 and still kickin it. She was one of the first members here in Teculutan and has been a faithful member for over 30 years. She is the cutest old lady, she could be chewing me out and telling how horrible I am, and after I would just want to hug her. She is the greatest. Oh and she doesn’t have teeth. Ok I just got sidetracked but many times reading the book I was asking myself if I really had that kind of faith to drop everything and follow the commandments of the prophet, or to drop everything and go west. What would I do in that circumstance, I hope I would obey? Ask yourself what would you do? well guess what we still have a prophet, and we still have commandments, it may not seem as drastic as moving west over 2000 miles, but we still have to test our faith, and  it is in with the little things. Do we have the faith to obey the gospel with the little things? To follow the prophets guidance and counsel over the years? Ask yourself that, and then look into your lives and see if there is something that you can improve or change. I did it, and it is in the little things that we can improve our lives. IDK! 

But I do know I love you guys, thank you for your love and support and I’m super stoked to call home!! I hope it is better this time hahaha have a good week!

Elder Call

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