Monday, May 21, 2012

How are you guys?!?!

The phone call was great! Thanks again, I loved hearing from you guys again, and this last email just confirmed what I said about you guys doing more family activities now that I am gone! Camping AND a Moon eclipse. But its ok I love hearing about them. I was sad Alex didn’t email me back, guess I lost her, tell her I’ll see her in about a year!

So real quick I uploaded photos of an activity we had yesterday! (I love being out of the capital where it is more rural) so they have been growing corn in the church land so yesterday we ate it! Let me explain because it is a process.

1. Walk to the corn field. 
2. Pick out your gelote (corn husk) that you want to eat.
3. Put it in the hot coals and turn it every so often.
4. Pull it out of the fire with your bare hands.
5. Hurry and run to set them down because they are SUPER HOT.
6. Put salsa dulce (ketchup) and mayo on it and ENJOY!!!

It was such a fun activity and they were so good!

So this week was a little long little tough but it turned out great! Changes are the 30th of May. This week we entered into the rainy season and Guatemala sure did let us know! It was a total change of climate it is now a little cooler and it was dumped on us a couple times this last week! I love the rain though so it wasn’t a problem; I lent a pair of my boots to Lagos because our roof leaks and it leaked right above his shoes so they were soaked!

We gave a lot of service this last week, Tuesday we made cheese! A lady taught us how to make cheese! I have photos, and then the next day she went to the capital for surgery so we went and basically did it all by ourselves for her. It was super fun!

Ok well I am now in Alma in my reading of the Book of Mormon, where are you guys? I can definitely notice a difference a huge difference of when I have started actually reading, I’ve always been reading it on my mission but not really with a purpose or planned how much I will read, but now I am reading 3 or 4 chapters a day I can feel a difference in my day! So read the Book of Mormon continue if you are reading it, start if you aren’t, and step it up if you started but then slacked. It is like the talk elder Holland gave his last statement, if you´ve made covenants keep them, if you haven’t make them, and if you´ve fallen away do everything necessary to come back and honor them. (Something like that) it was a great talk and I loved that statement he made.

So last but not least I love this picture, it is one of my favorites, 

I was reading in Moses 7 28, where Enoch and the lord are overlooking the earth and everything that happened and will happen, and the lord is crying, and Enoch asks why, in 38 he gives an answer for the wickedness of the world. Enoch says but it doesn’t matter you have 10 of thousands of worlds like this one. So 1. It shows that he cares and loves for each of us. But with the photo I was thinking about it with reading these verses and the title of the photo is "O Jerusalem" when the savior is watching us, (or the loved ones that have passed away) are they saying "O elder call, what are you doing? or why are you doing that?" it made me think a lot am I letting the savior down or am I doing all that I can, so it is another challenge, think about that are we doing all that we can? And when we finally come to rest and are to stand before our God will he be proud of us? or will he be shaking his head saying "O" I can’t express it but it is there in my head, I hope you can understand a little of it. I love it out here! I’m having such a blast, we are working hard, 1 more week until the changes so I am trying to leave the next elder with something to work with. (There is nothing worse than coming to an area and having nothing to work with or build upon) I love you all and thanks for all the prayers and support!

-Elder CHAD J. CALL 
Love you! 

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